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Micro A-10 EPS Pusher Jet (PNF)

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Micro A-10 EPS Pusher Jet (PNF)

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Este Micro A-10 utiliza un motor sin escobillas de empuje que le da un rendimiento fantástico.
Cuando pruebas de vuelo por el equipo Hobbyking, este pequeño Warthog causó un gran revuelo. Vuela tan bien que habría pensado que era 3 veces el tamaño!

Los 2,5 g de servo están preinstalados y centrados, también están preinstalados la salida sin cepillo y el motor, el montaje es rápido y el modelo incluso viene con la escala que parece insuficientemente carro para aquellos que vuelan fuera de las pistas de pavimento. Una hoja de instrucciones a todo color y la hoja de calcomanía se incluyen, como es un protector de hélice y hélice.

Envergadura: 556mm
Longitud: 512mm
Volar Peso: 155g
Material: EPS
Motor: C10 sin escobillas Outrunner
Servo: 2 2.5gx
3 canales, thottle, alerones, profundidad

Se requiere:
Su propio canal 4 de TX / RX
400 ~ batería 500mAh Lipo 2S

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Libtekguy | Comprador verificado

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Jan 29, 2012

I got this free. Didn't really want it so I just grabbed the servos, motor and esc off of it.

fotod | Comprador verificado

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Certified Buyer Rated

Jan 16, 2012

Looks is arguable but I got it as a freebie. Prop version flies better and longer than EDF. Also lot of cheaper in total (price plus shipping). It's an EPS materjal so not super crash resistant but it's light. That keeps the damage minimal. You can add some carbon in wing or fuselage for strenght.

Comes fuselage glued and all electronics and pushrods inside. Tiny ESC is at the back under the two canisters. No airflow inside the fuse but I don't know if heat will be an issue.

It has total 2 micro servos, one needs gluing/taping. No glue supplied but surely it needs some for assembly. Wing mounting plastic parts needs to be re-glued and one even few mm lower. So the wing doesn't fit snugly in stock situation. But anyway you have to re-glue some parts because they are glued weak in factory.

Canopy is held on with... nothing. U have to figure out some locking option - buy magnets or just rubber around the canopy. Under the canopy only battery fits so receiver goes in the middle where is very tight fit because of aileron servo. But some thin micro RX should even fit in da nose.

Two sheets of decals you can stick. Landing gear seems good and light. Elevator even has a carbon strip attached. No carbon in the main wing though.

FPVking | Comprador verificado

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Certified Buyer Rated

Jan 09, 2012

I got one again as a freebie. One wing side little bent and cracked tip but glue and time fix it. Motor mounted little off - have to re-glue. Wing doesn't fit in very easy - looks like have to re arrange the mounting parts. Also re-gluing some parts is a must.

Elevator servo inside is double side-taped and totally loose. Reglue or retape.

Marking on prop says 4x2.5R. Two planes both came with NO propsaver (sealed bags). No option to put the prop on and have to purchase mount separately now. Motor shaft is 2mm. Prop inside hole is 4mm.

I think I found that fits, search HK for C10-Saver.

| Comprador verificado

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Certified Buyer Rated

Jan 09, 2012

1 review sai:

I got the beast as a freebie. Fitting together good but u have to re-glue the plastic bits more stronger.

Battery connection is JST. Battery room is (mm): 95 lenght, 20 wide, 38-23 deep. I purchased (imo the best lipos for this plane) 2s 460mAh nanos. They are quite wide but fit nice but not right up in the nose. Removing some foam from underside of the canopy make the battery fit in the nose OK if needed. And the 500mAh zippy is same thing. I prefer 460mAh nano-tech over zippy. Same flight time, more power, longer life and lighter plane. Search HK for N460.2S.25

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