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ROBOSTAR SBRS-5314HTG 280 ° Digital Metal Gear robot de alto voltaje Servo 53.1kg / 0.14Sec / 81g

ROBOSTAR SBRS-5314HTG 280 ° Digital Metal Gear robot de alto voltaje Servo 53...


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El robot servo-ROBOSTAR SBRS 5314HTG está repleto de características que ofrece lo mejor para los usuarios de robots. Este resistente servo engranaje del metal es perfecto para su encargo robot u otro proyecto de automatización. El caso de calor y las características dissapate plástico y aleación de metal agujeros roscados para los tornillos de montaje de la máquina. El motor sin escobillas de alta potencia proporciona una gran potencia y precisión en movimiento para su proyecto. Este servo ROBOSTAR puede aceptar voltajes de hasta 11.1 voltios, un 3S Lipo!

Cada servo incluye un cable extraíble de entrada de alambre que se conecta directamente al lado de la caja, así como ruedas de plástico y servo aleación.

• Alto par
• Alta precisión, todos los engranajes de metal, doble rodamiento
• Buena disipación de calor
• Alcance de giro: 0 ~ 280 °
• Acepta altas tensiones de hasta 3S 11.1V Lipo
• cable de entrada desmontable para los mazos de cables de encargo
• Alta potencia, motor sin escobillas súper confiable

Salida: Solo
Tensión de funcionamiento: 7.4 ~ 11.1 voltios (2 ~ 3S Lipo)
Velocidad de funcionamiento: 0.18Sec / 60 ° / 0.14Sec / 60 °
Puesto par: /
Ámbito de rotación: 0 ~ 280 °
Tamaño: 43X32X32.5mm
Peso: 81g
Spline: 25T
Cojinete de bolas: 2BB
Engranaje: Metal
Longitud del cable: 50cm
Patrón del tornillo: 21.5x21.5mm
Frecuencia de trabajo: 1520us / 333Hz, 900 ~ 2100US

Tornillo de montaje es de 3 mm


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I've bought lots of these servos, and they are the best I've ever found. Especially great is the idler wheel on the opposite side of the motor from the output shaft, which allows you to make a really solid robot joint. They move very smoothly and fast, and sit quietly at whatever position you send them to (unlike a lot of RC servos!). Some suggestions to the manufacturer: Make the servo case out of all-aluminum. The plastic which holds the rear bearing on the output shaft cracks under very high torque. I've cracked several of them running at 8.4 Volts, and then the shaft can move out of position and the gears skip. Incidentally, the gears are very good and survived all the skipping without damage. Plus, I would like this motor to be made available in a larger size/torque and a smaller size/torque, so they can be distributed in diminishing size along a robot arm.
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These are amazing servos for the money. I purchased mine for a robotics project because I needed something with high torque, high speed, and a sturdy metal drivetrain. It also had to fit inside Actobotics channel, which it does perfectly. I also like that it uses a brushless motor.

The build quality is Chinese standard, meaning they do things like hot glue the header plugs into place. This, however, works to the advantage of anyone that wishes to move the location of the plug exit. If you go to the Thingiverse website and search for RoboStar, you'll find a new bottom plate that lets you do just that.

If I had to complain about this servo, I'd wish for larger mounting holes. For those curious about hardware sizes, the mounting holes for the servo itself take puny little M2 screws, as do the servo horn holes. The servo horn itself attaches to the servo with an M3 screw. The splines for the horn are Futaba 3F standard, and Actobotics hub horns will fit nicely.

So far I love these. Let's hope they hold up.
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