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Turnigy Skateboard Electric Conversion Kit

Turnigy Skateboard Electric Conversion Kit


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The Turnigy Skateboard Conversion Kit will change your existing skateboard into a super cool electric mode of transport.


There are lots of modes of transport that can be used to get around town. Skateboards provide a fun way of getting around and when you add electric power it adds an even easier way of getting from point to point.


This kit comes with a powerful Turnigy 2000W motor which will provide plenty of power to get you along. The Turnigy D5035-125KV brushless electric motor is coupled with a Turnigy 50A Skateboard ESC (designed by Benjamin Vedder) to provide regenerative braking, to slow you down safely and yet has a lot of punch to get you going from a standing start with ease. There are also steel trucks and precision high-speed bearings along with new wheels.

Unlike conventional skateboards, electric skateboards require very little effort, meaning the user can concentrate on balance rather than learning to kick off and balance at the same time. Once upgraded your board will provide hours of effortless fun to get you to and from work or for cruising and carving around your local skate park.


Get this kit now and get powering along.


• Steel trucks
• Precision high-speed bearings
• Regenerative Braking
• Sensored and Unsensored (FOC) Field Oriented Control allows your electric skateboard to run with barely any motor noise
• Many safety features such as current control and temperature control features
• Great start-up torque with sensorless motors


Wheel Diameter: 87.8mm
Wheel Length: 52mm
Truck axle Length: 244mm


Motor Specs:
KV: 125
Max current: 45A
Max Power: 2000W
Idle current: 0.9A
Resistance: 90MΩ
Shaft: 8mm
Weight: 745g
Cell count: 8~12s Lipoly (Voltage)
Bolt holes spacing: 44mm
Bolt thread: M4
Connection: 4.0 banana Gold plug


ESC Specs:
Microprocessor: STM32F4
BEC: 5V (Used to power your receiver)
Voltage: 8V to 60V (Up to 14S LiPo Voltage)
Current: Up to 240A for a few seconds or 50A continuous
PCB size: 40mm x 60mm
ESC complete size: 120mm x 40mm


1 x Turnigy D5035-125KV Brushless Motor
1 x Turnigy 50A Skateboard ESC with BEC
1 x Gear set with belt
1 x Skateboard fixing part set
1 x Motor mount
1 x Motor mount cover with bearing


2 x 6000mAh 5S Lipo Battery
2 x XT90 Male battery connectors
1 x Pistol Grip Radio Controller TX and RX
1 x XT90 Battery harness for 2 packs in series
1 x XT90 Battery harness for 2 packs in parallel
(The above 2 options are dependent on whether you require speed or duration)


ATTENTION: Before operating this product check for compliance with your local, state or federal laws. This item is sold for private use on private property only. Safe and legal operation of this product is the owners responsibility at all times. Children should be supervised by an adult.

ESC Hardware by Benjamin Vedder is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Note: Use of any different component (motor, ESC, gear, motor mount, trucks, etc) or non-recommended replacement parts with this kit is considered a modification and can void the warranty."


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