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Juego de Estructura de Sky-héroe Anakin aviones no tripulados

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Juego de Estructura de Sky-héroe Anakin aviones no tripulados

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El "Natural Born Racer" es como Sky héroe describir su último avión no tripulado de carreras, el Anakin. Ahora ser liberado como un marco único kit que le permite personalizar completamente su modelo mediante la selección de los motores, CES, controlador de vuelo, cámara y todas las demás partes componentes para golpear esa combinación de carreras que gana.

El Anakin es tan elegante en el diseño, ya que viene con una capucha aerodinámico que proporciona protección para sus equipos electrónicos, así como proporcionar el modelo con grandes líneas, una mirada impresionante y todos importantes para las carreras, la fricción reducida.

Una característica clave del diseño es la geometría completamente ajustable de la cámara de motores, brazos y FPV que le permite configurar el Anakin para adaptarse a su estilo de vuelo.

La fibra de carbono y plástico para la construcción asegura que tiene un corredor sólido en sus manos y el diseño general será sin duda será girar la cabeza en la pista.

• capucha y diseño aerodinámico
• La geometría del motor ajustable
• Estructura de diedro para el máximo impacto reesistance
• La geometría del brazo ajustable
• Diseño robusto y construcción

Dimensiones: 280mm
Color: Blanco y Negro
Material: plástico de alta densidad y fibra de carbono
Peso: 135 g

Juego de Estructura 1 x

Requerido para completar: (no incluido)
6 Control de radio del canal y el receptor
Batería 3S 4S ~ 1200 ~ 1800mAh Lipo
4 x 1806 ~ 2204 950 ~ 2300kv o similares motores
4 x 12 ~ 20A ESC
4 x 5 ~ 6x4.5 hélices
Control de vuelo
equipos FPV

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Chris | Comprador verificado

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

A finely engineered machine.

May 16, 2017

I hesitated to but this frame because of some scathing reviews from other websites. I decided it was worth the gamble because I think it's a great looking frame, and I like the idea of adjustable motor geometry.

The parts and hardware are all top shelf, but there are a LOT of parts. The manual is for an early release version of the frame, and if there is an updated version, I could not find it. The mounting jigs included in the kit are nothing like the jigs in the instructions, and an online search will lead you to many other people scratching their heads. If you're good at puzzles and enjoy a challenge (like I do), you'll figure it out.

The engineering that went into this frame becomes evident once you fly it. It handles like a dream! I chose the front low/rear high configuration for a balanced COG, and it's one of the most well balanced and nimble frames I've ever flown. Its unique shape also helps in LOS flying.

It handles crashes better than I thought it would, but I really didn't think it would take much. The side braces are too thin to do anything but keep the motors aligned. If they were 3mm instead of 1mm, they would do their job much better, and help support the arms; which twist out of place during crashes, causing you to have to go through the tedious alignment process all over again.

I really like the frame, but it's too complicated for racing or freestyle. If you never ever crash, it's one of the greatest frames ever made, but even the best drone pilots on Earth can show you hours of footage of themselves crashing.

So long story short (too late), I love it! It flies superbly! But I won't use it for any hard core flying, because even though it can survive the crashes, it requires a lot of work to get it back in the air after it does. I think Sky-Hero has a better idea with the OB1 frame, which is a much simpler design.

| Comprador verificado

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  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Jul 26, 2016

Tron looking quad racer, really nice quality parts, though go-ahead and purchase spare motor mounts & arm ends, The canopy is incredibly tough, not cheap thin plastic like most, The adjustable arms are the best idea ever

Sonny | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
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Customer Rated

May 20, 2016

For the money, you can send better hardware. un-impressed with the kit so far. Looks great but the hardware is cheap china standard. For $120 \ plus exorbitant shipping. BTW Shipping time from China to USA via FedEx was amazing fast! 5 stars to HObbyKing for the shipping speed!

jakub | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
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Customer Rated

May 15, 2016

I am writing this review to the potential buyers of the Sky Hero Anniken Quadcopter Racing Frame. This frame is for very serious Quad racing enthusiasts not for beginners


I have had this frame for two months. It is my fourth quadcopter frame and I have been procrastinating this review for long enough. Here are the circumstances in which I have been testing this product: I fly in a wooded, rocky and sloped area with rapidly changing wind conditions. I fly a couple times a month during the day. I really put this frame to its breaking point by flying into high winds and occasionally low to the gravel baseball field near my house. the benefits of this frame is mostly due to its strength and protection of the essential electronics. It has a plastic housing that goes over the chassis that protects the flight controller from the outside elements.


This frame is very sleek with its white shielding and orange accents. It will make all of your friends jealous. It reminds me of a jet fighter in its looks. Usually frames look almost like boxes, but this has almost completely rounded edges.

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