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Taranis Modo 2 X9E versión de la UE no (nos enchufe)

Taranis Modo 2 X9E versión de la UE no (nos enchufe)


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Con una mirada un poco retro, fresco y sentir, la FrSky Taranis X9E o "bandeja" Taranis está muy estrechamente relacionado con el enormemente popular y totalmente fiable Taranis Plus (X9D).

Esta es una radio de 16 canales (ampliable a 32) y tiene todas las características que hemos llegado a esperar de un transmisor Taranis incluyendo la telemetría completa, el habla, la mezcla de canales, diferentes modos de vuelo, memoria de modelo múltiple, la lista sigue y por supuesto el increíble firmware OpenTX, que ha sido optimizado, sigue siendo el corazón de la máquina.

El X9E viene con la mejora de los cardanes y una pantalla LED legible por la luz del día en la parte superior para mostrar los datos de telemetría. También hay conectividad Bluetooth para la transferencia de datos.

Una vez más FrSky han elaborado un transmisor de radio control de calidad premium y lo han entregado por una fracción del costo de los productos similares en el mercado.

• Panel frontal de metal
• Alto y pantallas de información más bajas
• 6 potenciómetros y 8 interruptores
• 2 ranuras potenciómetro ANSD 8 ranuras de conmutación para la ampliación
• 16 canales / hasta 32 canales
• El sistema de dos frecuencias de dos módulos
• Bloqueo del receptor
• Baja latencia y alta precisión
• telemetría completa
• en tiempo real registro de datos de vuelo
• Cardanes rodamientos de bolas Quad
• Partido Receptor
• Las salidas de audio de voz (valores, alarmas, configuración, etc.)
• Estado de antena de detección y ajuste
• El indicador de potencia de señal del receptor (RSSI) Alertas
• Smart Puerto Supported
• Alertas de vibración
• apoya la mano desmontable

Compatibilidad: FrSky la serie X, la serie D y la serie V8-II receptores (además de otros receptores si se utiliza un módulo externo)
Modelo: Taranis X9E
Tensión de funcionamiento: 6 ~ 15V (2S, 3S Lipos son aceptables)
Corriente de funcionamiento: máximo 260mA (tanto módulo de RF y con retroiluminación están activados)
Número de canales: 16 Canales (ampliable a 32 canales)
Temperatura de funcionamiento: -10 ~ 60C

Transmisor 1 x Taranis X9E
1 Receptor X X6R
1 x correa para el cuello
1 x lleva la caja
Batería 1 x 9.6V 2000mAh MiMH
1 cargador de X (enchufe de EE.UU.)
Tarjeta SD 1 X


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No vuelvo a comprar otra radio a Hobbyking. Es la segunda radio que les tengo que devolver. La tercera vez que encend* la radio le apareci* una linea en mitad de la pantalla. La he tenido que devolver con los costes que supone. De tres radios que he comprado a estos se*ores he tenido que devolver 2.
No vuelvo a comprar otra radio a Hobbyking. Es la segunda radio que les tengo que devolver. La tercera vez que encend* la radio le apareci* una linea en mitad de la pantalla. La he tenido que devolver con los costes que supone. De tres radios que he comprado a estos se*ores he tenido que devolver 2.
Four flights so far with it, perfect performance: very high response times even with an "old series" D8R-II PLUS receiver, ("instant response" with new X-series receivers expected; will test that later).
Signal strength is always very high flying in my club's 8-Hectare (19.8 Acre) field.
Voice telemetry works great.
Not very comfortable using it in thumbs (non-tray) mode, but I've removed the "ears" and tilted the gimbals (which required a hard-to-find 1.3mm hex key) outwards and that helped a lot: it s perfectly usable in this way; I'll test the tray mode with the harness later.
Many pilots at my club very impressed with the quality and performance.
I've found some new improvable details: the power adapter cable is very thin and not very flexible, making it prone to break./ A little bit of extra space in the case would be appreciated so things fit more comfortably (specially the charger and the harness)./ Including the allen wrench for stick tilting would be a nice (and unexpensive) addition.
The bad:
-You have to remove the whole back panel of the radio to change the battery at the field (4 screws). Please someone manufacture and offer an alternative back cover with a battery door! The battery tray and standard connector are there and space is more than enough!.
-Included battery is NiMH instead of LI-Fe or Li-Po.
-The Harness is for thin people, difficult but possible for me to get the correct (horizontal) position and height relative to my hands in tray mode. Again, please offer a better one.
-Not for beginners: the manual is a single sheet of paper and does not explain the software (menus, programming, radio settings, etc.). You have to read a lot from Open Tx site documentation or have a background with similar systems (in my case, the Turnigy 9XR experience helped a lot)
-Very heavy at 1,4Kg (ready to use without the "ears"). I know It is a tray type but that's almost 50pcnt more than other transmitters; a better technology battery could have saved much of that weight.

Recommended for anyone interested in a highly capable/programmable tray radio at a convenient price.
The good:
-6 channel X-Series receiver and nice case included.
-Fully charged battery lasts several hours. Battery connector is standard JST-XH (2S).
-Wide voltage range allows the use of almost any battery type (but you can't charge them in the radio; the charger circuit seems designed only fo NiMH).
-Screens and controls work flawlessly.
-Triple rates for everything, powerful mixer, flight conditions and many very flexible programmable functions not found in other brands.
-Expansion capacity and versatility (works with all my ACSST receivers, so replaces my Turnigy 9XR without complications).
-Very safe power on/off system (impossible to accidentally turn off the radio in flight)
-Multiple falisafe modes.
-Clean design & sturdy construction (except maybe for the retractable harness brackets that are plastic and seem somewhat flimsy; their mechanism works great).
-Excellent rotate-and-press dial allows fast programming (if you know what you are doing).
-Gimbals are tilt-adjustable (inwards or outwards the sides of the transmitter).
-A lot of assignable images for the models (includes the Bixler saga): no more confusion.
-Clear voice alerts (a few languages working now, but they will surely add more in the future).
-MicroSD Support to transfer anything between the radio and the PC (1GB card included). Lua Language supported.
-100-240V universal charger for the internal battery.
Mine just arrived, tested with simulator only.
Very precise command using It in both "thumbs mode" and tray "two finger per stick" mode.
I've removed the two "ears" (hand/palm rests) from the beginning (just 3 screws each) and my radio looks better and is still comfortable to operate in both modes (with or without the harness).
Open TX software works correctly (included version is 2.1.4, somewhat customized for this radio).
Very nice radio, I plan to use it in many of my planes! (60 model memory capacity)
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