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Conjunto de neumáticos (L & R) (1 Set) - Basher 1/16 Mini Nitro Circus MT

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Conjunto de neumáticos (L & R) (1 Set) - Basher 1/16 Mini Nitro Circus MT


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Conjunto de neumáticos (L & R) (1 Set) - Basher 1/16 Mini Nitro Circus MT

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Rafael Togami | Comprador verificado

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Nov 27, 2014

I rated a low score for this item as a set. The tires are actually good, they are soft and grippy. Don't know about the insert, looks OK, never teared it apart to check it. The set is way out of balance, spent a lot of putty balancing them... but what really makes only 3 crowns are the wheels.

My Nitro Circus Mini Monster Truck came with 3 wheels/tires just acceptable (unbalanced by a fair amount, little oval shape and wobbling more than I expected, adding vibration to the truck but not enough to take it out of direction if mounted in the front axle). The remaining wheel/tire was wobbling like crazy, it came mounted in the front left side and made the Mini Truck uncontrollable. Took me some time to figure that the center hole of this wheel was out of center... and drilled angled.

Hobbyking was kind enough to send me free of charge this set of 2 wheels/tires (wohooo!). But to my surprise, the replacement set had one wheel drilled almost the same way the bad wheel was! It's unusable, I might take this apart, buy just the wheel and hope it's OK. The other wheel in the package is just like the other 3 in the NCMMT, so no problems there, I originally had just one (completely) faulty wheel/tire, it's fair to have one replacement under warranty (sent a video and a photo to HK, didn't had to ship it back to them).

Just in case, I bought one more set of this until I find a proper rep

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