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Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2118-2750 Outrunner sin escobillas del motor

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Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2118-2750 Outrunner sin escobillas del motor


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Turnigy SK3 Motors son el siguiente salto de calidad y diseño del motor. Nos instruyó a los ingenieros a la fuente de la mejor calidad de los imanes, los cojinetes y los materiales disponibles para ellos y desarrollar un motor que no sólo rival, pero superar la calidad de muchos de motor principales fabricantes en el mercado hoy en día.

El resultado es un eficiente y de alta calidad de motor calibre usando cojinetes blindados dobles, imanes de neodimio sinterizado y un estator herida cadena asegurar una precisa y consistente cada devanado y cada vez.

Los motores Turnigy SK3 se adaptan a los modeladores que buscan un motor sin escobillas calidad sin compromiso.

Activa: 9T
Voltaje: 2 ~ 3S Lipo
RPM / V 2750 kv
La resistencia interna: 0,22 Ohm
Max Carga: 5A
Potencia máxima: 39W
Diámetro del eje: 2,0 mm
Peso: 17g
Motor de clavija: Conector de 2 mm de bala

  • Kv (rpm / v) 2750.00
  • Corrientes max (A) 5.00
  • Resistencia ( MH ) 220.00
  • Max Voltaje ( V ) 11.00
  • Potencia ( W ) 39.00
  • Un eje ( mm ) 2.00
  • B Longitud ( mm ) 21.00
  • C Diámetro ( mm ) 21.00
  • Puede longitud D ( mm ) 18.00
  • Longitud Total E ( mm ) 25.00

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Daniel | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


Jul 30, 2017

High quality motor with high power with 3s and 5x4 prop. Little bit problem with O rings because is impossible to assembly them - is not space beetween motor and heads of screws. If you assembly them than is O ring little bit damaged by head of screw and after swith on the power of motor propeller left motor because O ring will tear. I used rubber to ladies hair and all working perfect.

insaneRC | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Dec 29, 2014

I have one of these on a racing plane of mine, I run it on 4s with a 4.7x4 prop. It puts out about 280-300grams thrust, and the plane pushes 120mph. When I land, the motor is just barely warm. Over all this motor is good deal, I think you will not be disappointed. You can also run a 5x5 on 3s, or a 6x4 on 2s.

rappa | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Mar 06, 2014

godd motor!! hobbyking !!!

bstarkey54 | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Feb 10, 2014

About 10 people in my club use these motors and they are great!!! We use a 460 to 760 3 cell with no more than a 5 X 4.3 prop. We have put these on our Bonsai's and they just scream. Vertical until out of sight. They put out considerably more watts that that listed. We use the 15 - 18 A ESC's. Prettiest motor around and they scream. Lots of fun.

Yuto Kang | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Apr 01, 2012

I mounted on of these on a 17" F-22 Raptor that I built from foam board. Using a 4045 prop, this F-22 screams on a 3 cell Lipo.
The Raptor with battery is just under 220 gr. and this little motor takes it our of site almost faster than you can cut back on the throttle. Very pleased with the motor and will definitely be order more for other foamies.
While a lot of the other motors seem to have problems with wires breaking or bearing, this motor is built as advertised. It's made really well and out-performs the other little motors of similar size. You won't be disappointed.

SomeUselessGeek | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Feb 11, 2012

39 watts?!? They have GOT to be kidding. Last night I ran one of these motors on a HK EPO Park Jet for four minutes at OVER 100 WATTS. Way more power than I can get out of any other motor this size. At the end of a five minute session (mostly WOT) the motor was barely warm to the touch. Hopefully somebody with some instruments can measure the actual efficiency of this motor and put some numbers down here.

This is my new favorite line of motors.

iacei | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Oct 27, 2011

Very nice powerfull motor on 3S with a 5x4 it rips the lamas ass!

Very good for my fox, even a bit overpowered.

Watch for the Amps though I would suggest a 12A ESC minimum.

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