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Turnigy FHSS 2.4GHz módulo transmisor para FBL100 y Q-Bot Micro

Turnigy FHSS 2.4GHz módulo transmisor para FBL100 y Q-Bot Micro


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El nuevo módulo transmisor de 2,4 GHz FHSS todo Turnigy le permite enlazar cualquier puerto habilitado entrenador transmisor * con su helicóptero FBL100 o quadcopter Q-Bot Micro. Funciona mediante el uso de la señal PPM del puerto de entrenador de su transmisor.

Sólo tiene que conectar este módulo en el puerto de entrenador, seleccionar el tipo de señal (F / J / W) y su entonces listo para unirse con su FBL100 o Q-Bot micro. ¡Es así de simple!

El módulo transmisor Turnigy incluye una batería recargable de 3,7 V LiPoly incorporado por el poder, pero también puede ser alimentado desde el puerto de carga de la emisora ​​cuando está conectado con el cable de alimentación suministrado. Si se utiliza la batería incorporada, que puede ser fácilmente recargado por el cable USB incluido.

• Compatible con cualquier transmisor habilitado puerto de entrenador *
• Dentro de la batería incorporada 3.7V LiPoly
• Es capaz de alimentarse a partir de toma de carga del transmisor

Especificación de la batería sellada: 3,7 V 120mAh Lipo
Tensión de funcionamiento: 5 ~ 12V DC
Corriente de funcionamiento: <100mA
Frecuencia de trabajo: 2402MHz ~ 2477MHz
Spread Spectrum modo: FHSS
Número de canales de frecuencia: 20
Salto de Tarifa: 240 salto / s

* Nota: el transmisor deben señal PPM de salida compatible a través del puerto de entrenador.


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For whatever reason this stopped working with my JR transmitter but decided it wanted to work just fine on my 9XR. I've had 3 of these now so I know perfectly well how they work and how to properly use them. 2 of them were defective so I don't know about these things. They are very wonky and more than half the time don't work. Also, my recent one came only with trainer cables and no cable to plug into the 12V power supply on the transmitter. This I'm sure is for a very good reason. Previously, when I had the power connector running off my JR, it would constantly blow the radios internal fuse, every single time. I think someone at HK realized this so stopped making it with the power cable. Instead of using the hopeless built in battery, I simply made a hardwired plug to the back of the 9XR's module port. If you would like to know how to do this, feel free to contact me.
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verified_user Quality
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Otimo produto! Recomendo a compra!!
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verified_user Quality
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This little device is a life saver for me. When you carefully follow the instructions that comes with and do a few finer tweaks like give it a bit less pitch so that it doesn't drag the motor down too much and start to spin the tail, my FBL100 did not know what hit it. This is how the factory should have setup the transmitter that come with. My setup a FBL100 better than a mcpblablabla, WFT09 WFly Transmitter with a round S-video like cable which I took from my Simulator cables. Thank you hobbyking now please launch the Bind and FLy FBL100 in a small inexpensive box to save costs, awesome.
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  • Radio Adapter Q-Bot Micro/FBL Series

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