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Turnigy T600 sin escobillas Outrunner de 600 Heli (880kv)

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Turnigy T600 sin escobillas Outrunner de 600 Heli (880kv)


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600 es su helicóptero listo para el siguiente nivel en el rendimiento ?!
No vamos a decir que más que asegurar los pernos de heli le están apretados y los dientes de los engranajes principales engranan correctamente, ya que este motor es un monstruo de par!
Dimensiones: 58 mm x 49 mm, 78 mm (con eje)
Peso: 363g
KV: 880rpm / V
Activa: 8T
Voltaje: 4 ~ 8S
Corriente máxima: 90A
Diámetro del eje: 6 mm
Longitud del eje delantero: 21.5mm
ESC: 100A
  • Kv (rpm / v) 880.00
  • Corrientes max (A) 90.00
  • Resistencia ( MH ) 13.30
  • Max Voltaje ( V ) 30.00
  • Potencia ( W ) 33.60
  • Un eje ( mm ) 6.00
  • B Longitud ( mm ) 57.00
  • C Diámetro ( mm ) 49.00
  • Puede longitud D ( mm ) 33.00
  • Longitud Total E ( mm ) 78.00

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baytacoglu | Comprador verificado

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  • Overall

Very nice

Dec 01, 2019

The processing time took longer than usual for HK to send the item but I received it in a very good condition without any damage. The money paid for such a powerful motor is less than the half of many "high brand"'s motors and the motor looks to be very robust and powerful. I will use this motor on my HK 600 GT helicopter and look forward to see it performing in the skies.

KALPESH | Comprador verificado

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  • Value

replacement shaft

Jan 12, 2017

What replacement shaft can I use? I need a longer shaft.

Audo Gianotti | Comprador verificado

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  • Quality

T600 880Kv

Dec 13, 2016

Hi, I've fitted this motor in a Sceadu 50, togheter with Hobbyking Yep 100A but I dont know the right timing, actually I set to auto.
But I'm afraid to stress to much the battery (Turnigy Nanotech 4000Mah 25-50 Amp.) Please let me know your suggestion. Thank you a lot.

| Comprador verificado

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Certified Buyer Rated

Jun 14, 2016

In my opinion this motor is to large for a 600 size heli. The Align RCM-BL600XL brushless motor works great with the HK600GT heli. The Turnigy T600 would fly a 700 size heli.

weldit | Comprador verificado

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Customer Rated

Sep 20, 2015

I have fitted this motor in my T-rex 550L dominator on 6s it is a perfect match 2400-2500 rpm and it has lots of power, I get about 5.30 mins very happy with that.
only think I had to do was change out the motors shaft for a longer one,
nice job HK.

Fahrenheit-145 | Comprador verificado

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Customer Rated

Jul 14, 2015

2 dieser Teile werkeln in meiner X-Ray (Mono3 Boot mit 143cm) mit 8,8kg Gesammtgewicht. Nach einer Fahrzeit von 4,5Min haben sie 75*C.Fahre nun schon die 2. Saison keinerlei Probleme bisher. Regler sind 2 Seaking 130HV an 10S5000mA/h 40C. Kann diese Motoren nur empfehlen. Gru* Peter

Jrgen | Comprador verificado

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Customer Rated

Aug 30, 2014

Guter,kraftvoller und laufruhiger Motor fr 6s.Wurde leider durch neuen defekten YEP Regler zerstrt.

Andreas | Comprador verificado

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Customer Rated

Aug 24, 2014

Bought that little beast for a 600 based scale heli with 4 blade head.
The engine draws a max of 40Amps in Hover, which is very good for a 4 kg scale bird.
The engine is not getting warmer than 45 degree even after a 5min power hover.

Andreas | Comprador verificado

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Customer Rated

Jan 27, 2014

Habe den Motor nun im Compass 6HVU verbaut. Fr mich ist es ein sehr guter Motor fr einen 600er Heli mit 6S Antrieb

DJC2609 | Comprador verificado

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Customer Rated

Jun 09, 2013

Got one of these 880kv motors for my Trex600.
Using it on 5000mAh 6s lipo.
It is a wider diameter than the Align motor so had to cut the carbon fibre frames a bit to fit it in, I was aware before buying so no problem.
Quality is excellent and the motor performs brilliantly.
Highly recemmended motor for trex600 or similar

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