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Turnigy Talon Hexcopter (V1.0) cuadro de fibra de carbono - 625mm

Turnigy Talon Hexcopter (V1.0) c...

El marco Turnigy Talon V1.0 Hexcopter se hace a mano de alta calidad de fibra de carbono que ofrece tanto los aspectos estéticos y de rendimiento. Nuestros ingenieros se propusieron crear un marco Hexcopter sin compromiso, varios materiales fuero...

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El marco Turnigy Talon V1.0 Hexcopter se hace a mano de alta calidad de fibra de carbono que ofrece tanto los aspectos estéticos y de rendimiento. Nuestros ingenieros se propusieron crear un marco Hexcopter sin compromiso, varios materiales fueron examinadas y rechazadas hasta que decidieron que sólo fibra de carbono se reuniría con los objetivos que nos habíamos propuesto alcanzar. Cada componente se pesó y se midió el afeitado meros gramos siempre que sea posible para lograr un peso ligero pero marco extremadamente rígido. Nosotros no permitir ningún compromiso y tú tampoco deberías.

La capacidad de elevación adicional de una configuración hexagonal que hace que este marco ideal para llevar las cargas útiles más grandes, como los sistemas de cámaras y otros componentes electrónicos. Esto lo convierte en una plataforma de la cámara excepcional o simplemente un marco multi-rotor muy ágil y potente para la acrobacia!

El Talon Hexcopter se construye a partir de los mismos componentes de alta calidad que se utilizan en el marco de la garra muy popular V2 Quadcopter, pero hemos rediseñado el marco principal para su uso en una configuración hexagonal.

Durante el desarrollo de la V2 Talon nuestro equipo tomó la trama ya popular Talon y estudió el diseño, según los comentarios de la comunidad multi-rotor y nuestras propias ideas hemos rediseñado las placas que permiten el montaje superior o inferior de 28 y 35 de montaje del motor tamaño de los motores de outrunners (ver las fotos de referencia de las diferentes opciones de montaje). El sistema de sujeción mejorada solo se sometió a 3 rediseños hasta nuestros ingenieros estaban convencidos de que habían alcanzado la fuerza y ​​el peso ideal combinación de ahorro. El sistema de sujeción bastidor central fue casi el doble de tamaño para asegurar un fuerte aparato ortopédico en cada brazo. Todos los aspectos de este marco se examinó minuciosamente y pensado.

Toda esta atención al detalle se ha traducido en la elegante simplicidad que es el Talon Hexcopter, una trama hexagonal que estamos tan orgullosos de poner nuestro nombre detrás, ya que será con opción a compra.

También ofrecemos una línea completa de productos electrónicos de calidad multi-rotor tal como tablero de control multi-rotor, ESC, motores y más, así que no hay necesidad de compromiso de su configuración electrónica, ya sea!

Peso: 440 g (w / salida de la electrónica)
Ancho: 625mm
Los agujeros de pernos del motor: 16/19 / 25mm

Se requiere:
28-XX-XX o 35 motor sin escobillas outrunner x 6
18 ~ 25A brushless ESC x 6
8x4 ~ 10x4.7 hélice x 6 (3 estándar de rotación / 3 atrás)
tablero de control multi-rotor
2500 ~ 3300mAh 11.1V LiPoly
Transmisor de 4 canales y receptor


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Looks very good quality and sturdy but I haven't built it yet.
Good quality carbon fiber and very lightweight. There is no assembly instruction inside the pack (or may be i have not received it). BTW, I test it with 920 KV motor with 8045 prop. I have enjoyed my first Hex-copter flight without any damage.I forgot to said that, i used CC3D flight controller and multistar bheli 20A ESC. some headless nuts are missing which are important, i used hot glue for this purpose.

Thanks Hk

Good frame, don't forget to thread lock the screws. Only complaint I have there isn't any room on the frame to mount anything. I manged to squeeze a gopro on the top, and put the esc on the arms, but it looks bad. I fit the battery underneath, but now I can't put a gimbal on it. Anyway, overall it's a solid frame, but I'd look at a tarot 610 or something instead.
I have been using this frame for about 6 months now and I am VERY happy with it. It is my first 'non-toy' size frame and it has served me well. It does however have some limiting factors so I will list the pros and cons as I see them.
Very nice looking clean frame. Happy with the build quality and its looks. It's goes together easily and the flight characteristics are stable and balanced. Kit was complete with nothing missing/damaged/other. Booms were the same length and straight.
A screw hole on 1 motor mount threaded when tightening to a boom. So I have put longer screws and nuts on all. I highly recommend doing this to ALL motor mounts where it meets the boom. No issues after that. Space - you run out of it. The gap between the top and bottom plate is only enough for wiring basically and I have since added some extra surfaces to mount the FPV gear.
Longer screws and bolts on the motor mount plates where it secures to the boom. Lock-tight all screws. TAKE YOUR TIME putting it together and read the instructions. It is easy to put together but do it once and do it right. Protect the surface that you are building on, the landing gear will scratch it.

I would recommend this frame to anyone looking for a first one to learn on, but you will outgrow it. Saying that, I am awaiting a FPV250 frame which is much smaller and I will keep this as my mid-size frame.
This is a great looking kit. Don't be thrown off by the small box. The only thing that would make this better would be a larger diameter main hub. It's really small, so fitting anything other than the flight controller on there is difficult.
If you want FPV or a camera, buy the Tarot 680 kit. There's too much missing here to recommend it.

great frame with mainly good points have built a fairly serious one and the only problem I have found is although the frame is extremely crash resistant (have had some very hard ones) the clamps that hold the arms in the centre of the hub have a tendency to come loose so getting them tight takes time as parts settle and a gentle hand for getting the right amount of torque on the little m3 screws without stripping the aluminium tube nuts that hold it together however after a few hours flight and a few crashes parts seem to settle and stay tight AND THE MAIN THING YOU NEED TO KNOW is that the aluminium motor mounts at the end of the arms bend quite easily on high angle crashes while this isn't a problem if you can straighten them without snapping them but they are ten dollars each in the spare parts selection on hk .soooo with a frame selling for 80 dollars its a no brainer to just buy a whole new frame then you get a whole new frame in spares because you WILL bend those motor mounts otherwise a very good frame im happy with mine
Good workmanship, everything fits well and is quickly assembled.
This is an extremely nice kit. I own the Carbon Quad, X525, and plastic/glass quad. The Carbon Quad and this Hex Quad are by far superior and worth the extra money.

The carbon fiber is real carbon fiber, not the fake sticker stuff. The metal pieces are super light and work very well. Overall the kit fits together very nicely and is well put together. The 3 motor mount holes makes it easy to fit multiple types of motors. Currently I have the 350KV's on my Hex and the 750 KV's on my Quad. I think I prefer the 750's.

I really like that you can run the motor wires through the arm tubs for a cleaner looking craft. That is a real bonus. Keep in mind that carbon fiber is conductive so you will need to isolate your wire ends with heat shrink, tape or something to protect the leads from shorting against the carbon fiber.

The Hex is quite light for its size and is extremely sturdy. The only thing that would make it better is to have instructions, but it is easily figured out by looking at pics.

-Looks really good
-Can run motor wires through tubes
-Has 3 motor mount hole configurations
-Ample space for electronics
-Easily assembled
-Can custom adjust configuration

-No instructions
I got the same hex copter u got but the speed controlers I soderd all the black together and the red and wire the goes to the kk2 board to the main deans plug .is that ok or did I mess up.i saw it on u tube that u can soder all the black and red together to the deans plug
or do I need a power board . HELP ME
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  • Turnigy Talon Hexcopter Frame

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