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Turnigy TrackStar 1 / 5º de motor sin escobillas sin sensores 730KV

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Turnigy TrackStar 1 / 5º de motor sin escobillas sin sensores 730KV

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Los Turnigy TrackStar motores sin escobillas ofrecen un rendimiento excepcional a un precio increíble!

Con una calidad anodizado motor CNC puede, de alta pureza bobinas de cobre de cuerda manual y potentes imanes de neodimio sinterizados, te vas a encontrar un motor mejor precio de este calibre en ningún otro lugar!

Este motores sin escobillas TrackStar hacen una gran mejora para camiones 1 / 5º curso corto, camiones monstruo, buggies o cualquier otra cosa que utiliza 55 motores de tamaño.

• Compatible con cualquier ESC sin sensores
• máquina CNC Billet T6 Motor poder de aluminio
• Los bobinados de cobre de alta pureza
• extraíble / reemplazable Rotor
• sinterizado imán de neodimio potente
• Ingeniería de precisión para la Conversión de Energía Máximo

Tamaño: 5592
RPM / v: 730kv
Polos: 4
Tensión máxima: 41V (11S)
Corriente máxima: 128A
Max Watts: 5280W
Resistencia: 0.0132ohm
Tamaño del eje: 8mm
Puede Diámetro: 55 mm
Puede Longitud: 92 mm
Peso: 957g

  • Kv (rpm / v) 730.00
  • Corrientes max (A) 128.00
  • Resistencia ( MH ) 13.00
  • Max Voltaje ( V ) 41.00
  • Potencia ( W ) 5280.00
  • Un eje ( mm ) 8.00
  • B Longitud ( mm ) 92.00
  • C Diámetro ( mm ) 58.00
  • Puede longitud D ( mm ) 85.00
  • Longitud Total E ( mm ) 123.00

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Eric | Comprador verificado

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Customer Rated

Dec 10, 2014

This is a nice motor for 1/5th scale 2WD car models. I combined it with the 200A Trackstar ESC and it drives very nice. Pickup from free run to full throttle is impressive and it drives smooth. I recommend not to use the e-brake. It works fine, but it adds extra heat to the motor, so overheating is to be expected. Use hydraulic brakes instead.

There are some limitations when you drive it on 4WD and use it with brake activated. I learned it the hard way and blew up the motor and the ESC. After approximately 1,6 hours (max 20 minutes at a time) of driving the motor shorted due to overheating of the spools. I used a high power brushless server fan to cool the motor, but even that was not enough to keep the temperature at safe levels. It sounded cool though..

My setup was more than competitive against One5Mini competition cars and I could drive for 20 minutes. (

My setup:
- This motor with a 24 spur gear. (Original FG gas gear.)
- 200A Trackstar ESC
- 6S 5Ah Turnigy 20C (3 parallel)
- FG 4WD Mini Chassis

| Comprador verificado

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Certified Buyer Rated

Jul 11, 2014

great motor put in a 1/8 buggy with 1/1 gearing and it made the front diff explode very powerful

sparky 25 | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
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  • Overall

Customer Rated

Nov 23, 2012

Installed this motor in my hobbyking 1/5 Bigmonster truck,
I ran it on 6s lipo with hobbyking 150A esc,
serious power way more than the 26cc engine it replaced,
On 6s lipo it was around the same top speed as the 26cc engine,
but the acceleration is instant with nearly no cogging at very low speeds,
Fit and finish on the motor is first class,
If you buy this motor you will need to order 3x female 8mm connectors for your esc.

Pete32200 | Comprador verificado

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  • Overall

Customer Rated

Nov 07, 2012

installed this into a Rovan 260s with a Mamba Monster Max ESC and a single Zippy 6s 8000mah lipo. I used the Castle installation kit and with a 14t pinion and stock 57t spur it has a top speed of 30 mph. I ordered a 55t spur and 18t pinion, I will post the results of the gear change when its completed.

Crash9 | Comprador verificado

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Customer Rated

Sep 23, 2012

I purchased this motor to replace a 26cc gas motor that comes with the HK 260 baja 5b 1/5 scale (Rovan/HPI). After 8 months and a 100 runs the stock gas motor finally died. I glad I went with this Trackstar brushless motor instead of purchasing another gasser. I do a lot of FPV driving and the mess of the oily residue will not be missed. The gas motor was fun but nothing beats the power of a Brushless converted baja. For FPV driving out in the Mojave desert the Reverse is nice as sometimes I had to go a mile or so with the gasser just to back up the baja...not anymore.
This is a fast set up with the HK 150 ESC running on 2 parallel 5000mah nano-tech lipos for 17-18 min run time. On one lipo it gets 8-10 minutes. Data logger shows Max amps 50, watts 1200 and top speed 38mph with low gears which I may change to taller ones. Throws a mean roost with a quicker power band off the line then the 26cc. Drag racing a buddies 5t 29cc and I pull away at the start to mid way before his 5t starts to slowly catch back up.
I added the CC dual fan set up on the Trackstar and the motor gets max temp 110F and ESC 100F after 30 minutes. I also purchased the CC conversion kit and everything bolted right up with only mod was trimming the dual fans shroud for motor wires. My Baja has a custom Chromoly roll cage which added 2lbs to the weight. I'm going out to the desert to the dunes and see how it

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