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1/16 Brushless 4WD Mini Rally - Extreme Edition (RTR)

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1/16 Brushless 4WD Mini Rally - Extreme Edition (RTR)

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Le légendaire Turnigy 1/16 Mini Rally Extreme est maintenant comme un prêt à fonctionner!

Le Turnigy 1 / 16e Mini Rally Extreme est rempli de fonctionnalités. suspension entièrement réglable comme la butée avant et arrière, les emplacements des amortisseurs réglables et précharge, les réglages de chambre réglables, hauteur de chute réglable, barres stabilisatrices en standard et la liste continue! Le Mini Rally Extreme possède tout le accordabilité d'une voiture est deux fois la taille et le double de son prix vous permettant de personnaliser vraiment la sensation et la performance de votre trajet.

La transmission intégrale 4WD temps est livré cloques puissance du moteur Brushless 2040-4800kv et la combinaison 25Amp Esc monté en standard, pas vieille école brossé indésirable d'avoir à "upgrade" d'ici!

Un style agressif, chaud sur la performance de la boîte et réelle accordabilité sont mis à faire l'un des plus chauds 1 / 16ème voitures Ready-To-Run pour frapper les rues en 2013!

• huile rempli amortisseurs réglables
• Anti barres stabilisatrices rouleau standard
ball • Entièrement couru
• châssis en fibre de verre Poids léger
• géométrie de la suspension de accordable
• Forte 15g Servo
• 2.4G émetteur 2 canaux et le récepteur
• Train de puissance Brushless standard
• Pièces de rechange disponibles

Longueur: 325mm
Largeur: 180mm
Hauteur: 122mm (Avec Shell Body)
Moteur: Brushless Inrunner 2040-4800kv
ESC: 25A Brushless 2 ~ 3S (avec Reverse)
Batterie: 2S LiPo (103x33x27mm MAX SIZE) w / XT-60 connecteur (obligatoire)
Servo: 15g Micro
Entraînement Train: Full Time 4WD, bimoteur Diff avec le centre de l' arbre d' embrayage Slipper
Suspension: Huile réglable Rempli

2S 1700mAh LiPo (ou plus)

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Dams | Acheteur vérifié

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A good RC car but not Offroad

Dec 31, 2016

C'une bonne petite voiture RC mais clairement pas offroad. Le moteur est bien pechu et rend cette voiture tres amusante

Commandez des pignons en meme temps car ils s'usent tres vite. A 25 cts le pignon ca serait dommage de devoir en commander comme moi au bout de la premiere sortie ( et repayer des frais d'expedition.

2. Pour eviter d'user trop rapidement le pignon je vous conseille de le proteger pour eviter qu'un caillou vienne le coincer. (Source de l'usure du premier pignon).

3. Les batteries les Turnigy 2200mAh 2S 30C Lipo Pack ( rentrent parfaitement.

4. La coque est relativement fragile donc ne pas hésiter à la solidifier.

Gary | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Oct 14, 2016

I bought this car with the intention of learning drifting with it. The car and the drift wheels and diff conversion all arrived well packaged and pretty quickly to Perth WA from the international warehouse.

I didnt get as far as installing the drift wheels or diff conversion, as my wife took one look at it and immediately assumed ownershop of the car!

She has run it twice, both times on grass, and it has performed amazingly well for a car with such small ground clearance.

It seems to be a strong little motor, as she had a head-on with my daughter's Losi TEN SCTE and the little rally car actually carried the Losi on its roof for a good while before my daughter got traction and drove off.

The body seemed ok, but didnt stand up too well to a second head-on with the Losi, and one full speed Losi into its back end leaving the body completely V shaped ... although this has not affected its performance as the body did its job and protected the running gear and important bits of the car.

I will definitely be buying another couple of these little beauties for the three of us to bash around with when we cant be bothered loading all the big stuff into the car boot.

Granpaw Broon | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Jun 07, 2015

This car is mostly fantastic! It has fantastic acceleration, top speed, great steering and looks. It drives well and you can get it drifting round bends do handbrake turns etc. It is simple to operate and on the face of it probably drives for a good 10 minutes on 1700 mAh lipo. I don't actually know for sure as I haven't run a full battery yet as the plastic spur gear is only lasting 6 minutes or so before it is shredded. The problem lies with the fact that the drive and spur gears are sat unprotected on the deck of the chassis where it is a magnet for any small stone which gets lodged underneath the spur gear causing the drive to strip the plastic spur gear. Changing the spur gear is relatively simple but costs over a quid each time. Add H.K.'s astronomical postage and so buy your spur gears in bulk. trying to source a metal spur gear with little success. May try to build a guard to protect the spur gear from small stones getting lodged...mmm. SO..... if you want your car to keep running I would keep away from loose stoney ground or dirt which is a bit ironic as it's a 'Rally car', and play only on solid concrete/tarmac or keep indoors in a sports hall or similar. Far too fast to drive in your average sized house!

fantomphish | Acheteur vérifié

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Certified Buyer Rated

May 18, 2015

Awesome little car out if the box, rips on 2cell and is a rocket on 3cell, built a rally track next door which is dusty clay and it's so much fun.....

underthetire | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Apr 01, 2015

Pretty well built little car. Seems quite tough. As a bonus, looks like it comes with a 3 channel system, at least the receiver has CH3 and the trans has a CH3 push button.

Sally | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Sep 26, 2014

It only took 5 days for this car to arrive in Australia from Hong Kong.
Very pleased. It is a very good occupation. I have raced it with lots of other cars and have never lost. It has a very quick take off. I would say it goes 0-Full Speed in 2 seconds

Emanuele | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Aug 13, 2014

I received today this car,looks good.
The various components seem good,Does not give me the feeling of an economic car.The motor is a 4800kv so it's very good,On Youtube you can see that is very strong, especially using 3s lipo battery.

Indo1144 | Acheteur vérifié

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Great Car for Kids

Dec 11, 2013

I bought this car for my son. Upon first inspection, the car looks really good. Well built. The body is not that strong, but I fixed that by putting duct tape on the inside before the first run.

From front to back. The bumper works great. It absorbs most impacts just fine and it protects the A-arms. It's nice to have the wheels inside the body for protection too. The wheels are a nice rubber, provide good grip. The suspension is good for street racing. When driving off road, you must turn the rings on the shocks to add preload. This will add height to the car and it will not get stuck that much. Steering is good and precise. My kid had made one crash that inversed the steering, because the plastic servohorn had bent and ended up on the other (wrong) side of the servo. No big deal. The motor is quite strong and powerful. The slipperclutch needed a bit of tightening. The ESC however is a bit disappointing. It doesn't provide a smooth take off. You apply throttle and the car suddenly takes off. It is capable of driving slowly, but not driving away slowly. The spurgear looks as if -in the hands of a seven year old- it will not last a long time. Order spares! The tape on the inside of the body also helps a lot. I put a 2S 2200 Turnigy (SKU: T2200.2S.20) inside, it fits just right and it provides about 20-25 minutes of driving. This car put a smile on our face and it provides us wit

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