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ADS400XXLWater Refroidi Motor (Bateau)

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ADS400XXLWater Refroidi Motor (Bateau)

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KV: 3200
Watts: 600w
Max Amps: 40A
Tension: 14.8v
Poids: 88g
Diamètre: 28mm
Shaft: 3.0mm
Longueur du moteur: 40.8mm
Longueur de l' arbre: 14mm

  • Kv ( rpm / v) 3200.00
  • Max Current (A) 40.00
  • Résistance ( mh ) 0.00
  • Max Tension (V) 15.00
  • (W ) 600.00
  • Arbre A ( mm ) 3.00
  • Longueur B ( mm ) 41.00
  • Can Diamètre C ( mm ) 28.00
  • Longueur Can D ( mm ) 27.00
  • Longueur totale E ( mm ) 57.00

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Jetsam | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Apr 29, 2013

Hi All,
I received this 400xxL- 3200kv motor about four months ago looks good,Well Built. I put into my HK Piranha V-Hull racing boat. With a powerful 4 cells powering this motor the boat went super fast for about eight charges , Then the little out-runner burnt out.
So a warning Don't use 4s on this motor for to long it can't handle the power. Although the specs on this site say it can.
I would stick to 3s with this one.
I would rate it 7 out of 10.

Anton | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Apr 03, 2013

450mm boat was engine 2445 (400W), but it was very hot, so he took it, really, this engine is clearly more powerful, I do not measure current, but interesting. Its main disadvantage - is the quality of the cooling system, very thin nipples one thread nipple was made crooked and a larger diameter than you need, very disappointed, we had to extend the threads deeper and put the nipple on tredlok. I hope that will not be more trouble.

vorton | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Apr 08, 2012

Well.... can't really say it was good.... Got the motor put it in my boat and the shaft snapped like a twig after maybe 2 mins of run time. Now to give you an idea of how the water was looking wave 2-3inches, water temp 76, wind 3m/hr, prop 40x53 (balanced & sharp) runnin on a 4s 45c zippy, on my turnigy 120a aquastar esc . So really it was a good day to play but that didn't happen. On a good note hobbyking did refund the $$ (C.S. did me right! yet to have a problem with them they all rock) due to the fact it was the motor. in the end I vive it 3 stars over all value 5 quality 2 if ya use it dont go 4s like they say it can will prob rip itself apart like it did me keep on 3s or under and you will be fine. I think......

craig | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Mar 04, 2012

Hi, I just received his 400xxL- 3200kv motor today looks good,Built well,but i have a problem with the shaft.there is no flat point machined on it for a grub screw to hold a coupler and the shaft is a smaller diameter then any other motor i have,so at this time i am unable to swap my leapard 2900kv and try this in my 21 inch sword mono...i guess i can grid or file a small notch,but wish they gave a size on stats so i could order a coupler..also what is that tiny fuel filter looking thing included for???

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