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Bi-plan (KIT)

Bi-plan (KIT)

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The Le Petit is a beautifully made model that conjures up memories of early aeromodelling days.

A classic bi-plane design that flies beautifully. This kit version of Le Petit quickly builds into a superb model while allowing you to make your decisions about servos, motor and ESC. The balsa wood materials are sourced from South America and expertly manufactured by professional craftsman to give you an excellent building experience.

As a bi-plane, it has a low wing loading and as a result this is a slow flyer. If however, you feel the need for a little more excitement, the top wing can be removed and she can be flown as a low wing monoplane instead!

At 810mm wingspan and 600g the Le Petit is ideal for park flying or for lazy flying days at your club, where she is sure to turn a few heads.

• Classic Design
• Low wing loading
• Hand crafted balsa and ply parts
• Quick to build
• Hardware pack included

Wingspan: 810mm
Length: 640mm
Controls: Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons, Throttle
Weight: 600g

Radio Control (Min 4 Ch)
Flight battery 1000~1300mAh 11.1V (3s) LiPoly
Servos (2 x 9g & 2 x 4.5g suggested)
ESC (20A suggested)
Motor (2212 900Kv suggested)
Propeller (8x6 Slow Fly Electric)

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Just finished building Le Petit Bi-plane. Went together pretty easy. All parts fit well. The only thing I didn't like was the push rods. They are useless. The metal rods were too brittle and snapped while bending a "Z". The metal rods in the Carbon Fiber extentions were loose and sliding in and out giving no control to the tail surfaces. I replaced them with more reliable Gold-N-Rods.
I used Servo Tape to stick the ESC to the inside of the top cowl and mounted the Receiver in the pilot's compartment.
All in all it is a nice bi-plane. Just waiting for nice weather for the maiden flight.
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verified_user Quality
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The le Petit is a very nice plane to assemble and to fly. If uou plan to use 5g servos for the ailerons, you need to trim the servo support which are preglued. I use the aerostar 45A esc with 5A Bec and an aerostar 3 axis gyro on the plane. Servosmwere the HXT900 and 500 which perform theirmjob very well. Using a dualsky 28xx series motor and 1300 mah 3s lipo, the plane perform very well under strong wind ormno wind condition. The kit verson comes with an 8x6 prop which perform perfectly. I changed to a larger set of wheels for taking off and landing on grass field. This plane can fly fast or slow well. The covering material is superb. Well worth the 49 bucks I paid.
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verified_user Quality
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My came well packed. It's a nice little plane.
Although, some screws were missing.
Be careful with the elevator. Only small inputs are needed. The elevator horn is too small. I had to limit servo travel to 40pcnt. This is bad for servo resolution.
Otherwise, this plane has no bad habits. I get 10m flying time using an 1000mah pack. Consumption is only 500mah.
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verified_user Quality
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This model is advertised as a kit so I was expecting a box of wood with a plan and instructions, wrong, what I got was a ARTF model know building required. So if you want something to build don't buy this model, unless the word kit has been redefined. Quite well made though.
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  • HobbyKing™ Le Petit Bi-plane 810mm

  • Le Petit Bi-Plane 810mm

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