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Quad Électrique (prise AU) bleu / noir

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Quad Électrique (prise AU) bleu / noir

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Electric Quad Bike (AU Plug)

Looking for an exciting way to get about then our electric quad bike is for you. Electric Quad Bikes / ATVs ride just like their noisier cousins but are more environmentally friendly and, of course, whisper quite. This is one sleek looking quad bike.

Keeping the noise level down, as well as zero emissions, allows the bike to be used for a lot more applications such as inside large warehouses or buildings, to out and about where you don’t want to disturb animals or people. This quad is able to transverse most terrain (up to 15-degree slope) so it can be used for lots of outside applications.

Being electric there are less moving parts which reduces maintenance costs and increases reliability. It comes with rear disk brake and front drums. The ride is comfortable as the bike comes with hydraulic suspension. 

Due to a lower maximum speed (about 25km/h) they can be used by different ages. This model is designed to carry up to 80kg. 

A great way of getting around town, out on the farm, down at the beach or trailblazing the wild frontier.

• Sleek design
• Electric Motor: 500W
• Carry shelves
• Load capacity 80kg
• Up to 25kmph
• Approx 30km range
• On and Off-road driving

Wheels: 4
Wheelbase: 1065mm
Out dimensions: 1570 x 800 x 950mm
Motor power: 500W
Battery: 48V 20AH
Head light: 12V 35W
Rate power: 500W±10%
Control chip: 48V/500W
Charging power input: AC80-240V 50-60Hz 48V/MAX1.8A
Charging time: 8-9 hours
Battery discharge time: ~ 2hrs per charge
Range: ~30km
Load capacity: ≤ 80kgs
Max speed: About 25km/h
Climb capacity: ≥15 degrees
Brake Front: drum brake
Brake Rear: single rear hydraulic disc brake
Shock suspensions: hydraulic suspension
Transmission: chain drive
Wheel size: 16x8.00-7/16x8.00-7

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