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Flycolor X-Cross BL-32 4in1 60A Brushless ESC (3-6S)

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Flycolor X-Cross BL-32 4in1 60A Brushless ESC (3-6S)


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The Flycolor X-Cross BL-32 ESCs are a high-powered addition to your FPV drone. The built-in 32-bit processor and Flycolor_X_Cross_BL_32 firmware gives a quick response to any situation. This excellent 4-in1 ESC board fits easily into a 30.5x30.5mm tower and is complete with a 5V/3A BEC.


These ESC’s come with a top-class MOSFET that has less inner resistance which helps allow larger current throughput which allows for higher KV motors and more power load. The metalized contact edge provides an excellent soldering point for stronger contact. The 60A 4in1 ESC comes with a highly efficient aluminum heat sink for better heat dissipation.


Get the Flycolor X-Cross BL-32 4in1 ESC now for faster response and better control of your drone.


• ARM 32-bit Cortex MCU, frequency up to 48 MHZ
• Flycolor_X_Cross_BL_32 firmware, which is designed for superior functionality and performance
• 4 in 1 ESC with builtin current sensor and 5V/1.5A BEC and VBAT output
• Supports regular 1-2ms pulse width input, as well as Oneshot125 (125-250us), Oneshot42 (41.7-83.3us) and Multishot (5- 25us). The input signal is automatically detected by the ESC upon power-up
• Dshot signal is supported at any rate up to at least Dshot1200
• Damped light does regenerative braking, causing very fast motor retardation, and inherently also does active freewheeling
• Quick connector onboard which is compatible with most flight controllers
• Large area aluminum heat sink effectively slow down the temperature rise
• Built for 30.5x30.5mm tower
• Faster response, less lag


Model: X-Cross BL-32 4in1
Continuous current: 60A
Burst current: 70A (10s)
BEC: 5V/3A
LiPo cells: 3-6S
Weight: 20g
Size: 45x41.5x7.5mm
Mounting: 30.5x30.5mm, M3 holes
Configurator: BLHeliSuite32
Firmware: Flycolor_X_Cross_BL_32
Application: 170-450 Multirotor


1 x Flycolor X-Cross BL-32 4in1 ESC
4 x Silicon rubber spacer
8 x Nylon Nut M3
4 x Screw M3x16
4 x Nylon spacer M3*6+6
1 x Power cable with XT60
1 x 10P&10P SH1.0 cable
1 x 10P&8P SH1.0 cable
1 x Low ESR Capacitor

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