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HobbyKing ™ SMACK TF250C- KIT

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HobbyKing ™ SMACK TF250C- KIT

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Le TF250C Smack est un cadre de course de quad en fibre de carbone complet qui va de pair rapidement. Avec la conception de précision et de fabrication, il est une plate-forme quad de course léger et fiable. Il est livré avec des amortisseurs de vibrations en caoutchouc et espaceurs en alliage anodisé rouge.

En outre, les bras en fibre de carbone sont de 4mm d'épaisseur et d'être plus robuste résistent mieux aux dommages.

• bras super forts
• Les systèmes d'isolation des vibrations pour la vidéo libre jello-
• Léger matériel en alliage usiné avec anodisation rouge
• la mise en page en maximisant l'espace
• la construction en fibre de carbone

Dimensions: 250mm
Poids: 120g

kit cadre 1 x Smack TF250C Carbon Fiber
1 x Pack Hardware (vis, espaceurs, etc.)
4 x caoutchouc amortisseurs d'atterrissage

  • HK Smack & Orca
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espylight | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Jul 23, 2016

The frame is OK but there are better frames for the money in my opinion. The arms are not very strong and you can't buy replacements which is the reason I am not getting another one of these frames and why I would not recommend it. If you could get replacement arms, I think it would be a much better value.

Daniel | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Jul 01, 2016

The only downside seems to be the instructions. It's more of a guessing game, but if you at least moderately skilled this won't be a problem. It's a very tigh fitt, and as I was building it, wasn't sure if the ESCs and PDB I have would fit on the bottom plate. But all did, again, tight. The rubber dampers for the control board look fancy, not sure the control board will stay there after a crash, but you can easily replace them if needed (the dampening is definitely a good idea though!) Might place a picture when I'm done.
I clipped my camera's PCB up and bottom, and now fits (again tight) - also, almost there is no room to the cabling. Which, if you are soldering to the control board is fine, but if you keep the wiring as, for example in my case, on a multiwii or a flip32, you will be really really tight. Naze32 with bent pins will be a good idea.

Abo Soud | Acheteur vérifié

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Certified Buyer Rated

Mar 29, 2016

I bought this for a friend but I was interested to see what is it look like. cute little frame in tiny packaging. the materials its made of look sturdy enough for a frame this size. I'll update after he builds it if there is any issues

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