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Multistar High Capacity 6S 8000mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Paquet

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Multistar High Capacity 6S 8000mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Paquet

This item is no longer available.
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Multistar High Capacity 8000mAh 6S 12C Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack w/XT90

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Vous voulez augmenter considérablement vos multi-rotor temps de vol sans pénalité de poids supplémentaire? Nous avons juste la solution!

Les toutes nouvelles batteries haute capacité Multistar sont le résultat de nombreux tests et de développement avec un objectif en tête ... l'augmentation des temps de vol pour votre avion multi-rotor sans pénalité de poids supplémentaire.

Nous avons atteint notre objectif en augmentant considérablement la capacité de la batterie (mAh) tout en abaissant le taux de décharge. Cela se traduit par une batterie qui est encore capable de fournir suffisamment de courant (ampères) tout en offrant une capacité beaucoup plus élevée par rapport à une LiPoly + 20C batterie standard de même poids.

Qu'est-ce que tout cela signifie est que les batteries Multistar sont en mesure de fournir des temps de vol beaucoup plus longtemps que les packs de batteries LiPoly standard sans ajouter de poids à votre modèle multi-rotor, ce qui les rend absolument idéal pour une utilisation avec la vidéo aérienne et FPV avions multi-rotor.

Nous avons une gamme complète de packs de batteries Multistar haute capacité multi-rotor dans les travaux et nous ajouterons de nouvelles tailles / configurations qu'ils deviennent disponibles. Assurez-vous de la caisse de la vidéo du produit pour plus d'informations détaillées sur ces tous les nouveaux packs de batteries multi-rotor haute capacité.

• batteries LiPoly Ultra haute capacité conçus spécifiquement pour une utilisation multi-rotor
• Taille similaires / poids que les batteries de capacité beaucoup plus faible, ce qui rend ces une halte-directe mise à niveau pour la plupart des avions multi-rotor
• Fournit augmentation des temps de vol jusqu'à 20% ou plus par rapport aux batteries LiPoly standard du même poids
• Idéal pour une utilisation avec la vidéo aérienne et FPV multi-rotor aircract

Capacité minimum: 8000mAh
Configuration: 6S1P / 22.2V / 6CELL
Décharge constante: 10C
Décharge Peak (10sec): 20C
Paquet Poids: 956g
Taille du paquet: 142 x 49 x 63mm
Charge prise: JST-XH
Fiche de décharge: XT90

  • Capacité ( mAh ) 8000.00
  • Décharge ( c ) 10.00
  • Taux de charge Max (C ) 2.00
  • La longueur A (mm) 142.00
  • Hauteur B ( mm ) 49.00
  • Width-C(mm) 63.00

Dimension Diagram Guide

  • attributeset-12


  • Multistar High Capacity 6S 8000mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack
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Alex | Acheteur vérifié

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Well... best watt/dollar I found

May 22, 2018

At least with the rebate, I made a 12s 8Ah ebike pack with two of these in one hundred dollars, shipping included. It's hard to get it better.
My packs came well balanced, all cells within 0.02V so it should be good for a good while.
I'll be drawing 20A tops but previously bought multistars for copters held alright for the price and capacity.
Drop them below 3V/cell and you will kill them. Others recover after an accidental discharge to low levels, like the nanotechs, but the multistars won't. I killed quite a few cells by flying without a lipo alarm.
Now I'm even driving with a lipo alarm :D
Be safe. These are serious lipos.

krism123 | Acheteur vérifié

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Sep 11, 2016

Voltage of cell 2 was 150mV less compared to the other ones on arrival. Not enough to claim the waranty they said. It should be allright when charging it with a balancer/charger. After 5 times usage (cutoff 3.5V) the cell is near dead... - 800mV difference.

Benjamin | Acheteur vérifié

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Jun 26, 2016

Ich habe zwei der LiPo's aufgrund der guten Bewertung gekauft. Leider überzeugten die LiPo's nicht wie erhofft, ein LiPo musste sofort nach der Lieferung getauscht werden, da deine Zelle defekt war. Jetzt nach einiger Zeit weisen beide LiPo's auch das als Ersatz gelieferte einen ziemlichen drift in den Zellen auf. Leider ist ein Austausch nur innerhalb der 30-Tagefrist möglich. Ich würde die LiPo's nicht noch einmal kaufen und auch nicht empfehlen.

Sorry, bad LiPo's heavy drift in the Cell's

Logan | Acheteur vérifié

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Oct 16, 2015

So I ran this battery pretty hard. Flew it on an 810mm Y6, drawing somewhere around 22A total at hover. I accidentally drew the battery down a few times a bit farther than I'd like to have, but it recovered well and stayed pretty balanced. I think all cells were withing .1V or so. Then I had it plugged in to test some FPV gear and I thought I had charged it after my last flight but I hadn't. Here's the downside to these batteries. Once they're in a bad voltage range is drops FAST. I accidentally pulled it down to probably 19V maybe less I wasn't measuring, and then next thing I know its at 9V because two cells had died. Mistake by me, but the cells died at like 2.5V. I took it apart and got a 3S battery for my FPV gear for it, so not a total loss. Just be careful with these batteries, don't push their limits and they'll be perfect for your setup. Definitely worth the value rather than paying $400 for something this size.

andrewchapman | Acheteur vérifié

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Oct 06, 2015

I've only used these on a few flights, but it looks like they're not really up to scratch.

All cells arrived well balanced (I check every new pack that arrives) but after using them just once or twice they no longer balance well. I have 3 very high quality chargers (Hitec H4, Graupner Polaron, Hyperion Duo) and they aren't able to get them balanced again. Some are out by up to 0.2v (i.e. highest cell 4.208v, lowest 4.0v). I only every fly down to 3.6v/cell, so no damage from the first flights, and I'm not over-taxing them either.

Your mileage may vary of course, just reporting what I've seen so far.

| Acheteur vérifié

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Sep 21, 2015

I have been really impressed with this battery! I have been using it for a few flights now and it works sceptically!

It takes a fair amount of time to charge! BUT the flight times are over 30 - 40 minutes on my 680 Pro w/ E800 flight system!

Andrey | Acheteur vérifié

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Sep 12, 2015

It's terrible. They send a defective product.
Battery came round as a barrel.
I'm not happy.

JohnV76 | Acheteur vérifié

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Sep 22, 2014

Great batteries. I bought two and they were true to weight. I used them on my Tarot 960 hexa, all up weight 5.7kg including batteries. 18 in props. Hover time was just over 35 minutes (cells going from 4.2 to 3.5V), beyond what ecalc predicted. Very happy. Will buy more!

diverll | Acheteur vérifié

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Aug 14, 2014

OK I tried a couple of the these 8000 10c multistar batts in my tarot T810 gave me the exact flight times as the nano tech 2x 6000 25c-50c @10min with brushless gimbal sony nex5 tmotors kv 330& 15.5 props, these battery added approx 128grams, 64grams more each. With a total of 4000more mah onboard I expected a little more flight time but they did not produce any.

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