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Multicopter Basics #1 - Introduction

Written by Thomas

Flying a multicopter is a lot of fun and building one provides a great sense of achievement! Regardless of what you’re looking to achieve with your multicopter i.e. aerial photography, drone racing or flying just for fun, every setup shares a basic set of principals which are the same in nature.

There’s so much information on the internet that can lead to confusion. In addition, there’s many paths and you can take down a long road to nowhere if you’re not careful!

This series of articles have been written to provide you with some basic insight outlining what you will need to know including the development of basic skills, research and getting in to the air for the first time.

We cover the basics of getting into multicopters including:

  • The key components of a multicopter and how they correlate
  • Making an informed decision regarding buying a multicopter vs building one
  • What you will need to build or repair a multicopter
  • Flying for the first time

This article is a basic foundation that will get you heading in the right direction and more importantly, in the air without wasting your money or time!

Please work your way through the steps to increase your knowledge on this topic, our series will include a discussion on the following topics

  1. Introduction
  2. Safety
  3. What's Your Objective?
  4. Build your own vs off the Shelf
  5. Tools & Techniques
  6. Key Electronic Components
  7. Other Key Components
  8. Key Concepts
  9. Learning to Fly
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