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NGH GT9 Pro 9cc V2 2 Stroke Gas Engine w/ NGH Auto Ignition System (1.2HP)

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NGH GT9 Pro 9cc V2 2 Stroke Gas Engine w/ NGH Auto Ignition System (1.2HP)


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NGH has become known for building quality model gas engines that offer lightweight, power, and reliability at a very affordable price. They are manufactured and designed from scratch for model aircraft, they are not modified chainsaw or similar types of engines that have been about in the past, they are purpose-made.

The GT9 Pro V2 is the second generation of this popular engine, it has been redesigned to give even more power and has a completely new NGH 20G Pro twin needle carb to give good reliable running and throttle response plus easy starting. The internal diaphragm pump of the carb is driven by crankcase pressure taken from the side of the cylinder to give reliable fuel flow to the carb whatever the attitude of the aircraft and regardless of the tank position. The ignition system is the new NGH automatic advancing angle system that is manufactured for them by Rcexl who have been manufacturing ignition systems for many years.

The GT9 Pro V2 still retains features such as a sand-cast crankcase with NGH logo and ballraced crankshaft, the cylinder head and prop driver are now in classic silver (as opposed to the earlier blue anodized ones) which gives it a new very smart, durable look. Choose an NGH GT9 Pro V2 for your next project and you will not be disappointed.

• Lightweight and powerful
• NGH advanced ignition system
• Improved twin needle carburetor
• Internal diaphragm fuel pump
• Sand-cast crankcase
• Silver head and prop driver

Type: 2 stroke air cooled single cylinder gas engine
Piston Displacement: 9cc
Bore: 23.3mm
Stroke: 21mm
Max Output: 1.2HP/13000rpm
RPM Range: 1800~13500rpm
Carburetor: NGH 20G Pro
Ignition System: NGH automatic advancing angle ignition (manufactured by Rcexl)
Ignition Power: 4.8~8.4V DC (min 1000mAH)
Spark Plug: 1/4 x 32 Rcexl
Fuel: Unleaded gasoline
Fuel/Oil Mixing Ratio: 20:1
Recommended Propellors: 11 x 6, 11 x 7, 12 x 6 2 blade
Weight: 535g with ignition and muffler

Length (backplate to prop driver): 90.7mm
Overall Length: 116.7mm
Height (bottom of mounting lug to top of the spark plug): 87.1mm
Overall Height: 105.35mm
Width of Mounting Lugs: 52mm
Mounting Hole Centers (width): 44mm
Mounting Hole Centers (length): 18mm
Overall Height: 101.95mm
Overall Width (inc muffler): 93mm
Crankshaft Thread: 1/4-28 UNF

1 x NGH GT9 Pro V2 gas engine
1 x Muffler
1 x NGH ignition system
1 x Spark plug
1 x Instruction manual

Please note: A copy of the Instruction Manual and Installation Manual is available under the "Files" tab.

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Nick | Acheteur vérifié

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value


Jan 29, 2023


Murat | Acheteur vérifié

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Great Little Motor

Oct 26, 2022

I have ground tested this motor on my Tower Hobbies Edge 540. It fits same footprints with OS46 AXII and OS 55AXII. So I didn’t need to change anything for the mounting except the spacer to match the total distance from the firewall.
It runs and idles perfect around 2400 RPM with 11x7.5 prop. Very fuel efficient.
No alcohol 93 octane Mixed 20:1 with RedLine synthetic oil. This is very good engine for its price.

PaulG | Acheteur vérifié

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value


Oct 07, 2022

Replaced a .46 Glow motor it was a perfect fit in the motor mount. Have been working on the best prop for the motor now using a 11x6 three blade working as well as a 11x7 two blade. Still trying to get a good top rpm.

RB | Acheteur vérifié

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Got High Hopes

Jul 25, 2022

On the test stand this little engine runs great. Did the break-in per instructions and then just ran a pint through it on a an 11x8 prop. I hope to re-power all my old glow planes with these little guys. I use the blue handle non ethanol 91 gas.

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