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Quanum simple bâton 3 Axis Gimbal Upgrade pour Turnigy 9XR / 9XRPro Tx de

Quanum simple bâton 3 Axis Gimba...

Vous cherchez à ajouter encore plus de fonctionnalités à votre 9XR Pro? La mise à niveau Quanum simple bâton 3 Axis Gimbal permet aux pilotes d'utiliser un bâton pour contrôler 3 canaux simultanément! Le cardan 3 axes utilise des capteurs à e...

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Vous cherchez à ajouter encore plus de fonctionnalités à votre 9XR Pro? La mise à niveau Quanum simple bâton 3 Axis Gimbal permet aux pilotes d'utiliser un bâton pour contrôler 3 canaux simultanément! Le cardan 3 axes utilise des capteurs à effet Hall magnétique de haute qualité pour un meilleur contrôle et une performance super lisse.

Le support 3 axial peut être facilement installé dans chaque côté de votre émetteur et affecté pour créer une configuration personnalisée qui convient le mieux à votre application.

La tension de cardans est entièrement réglable pour X, Y et Z, vous permettant de personnaliser entièrement le contrôle de votre radio sentir, il suffit de régler le ressort de chaque support à votre tension désirée. La longueur du bâton est également réglable en fonction de votre style de vol préféré.

Le ballon entièrement supporté par roulement 3 axes à cardan est fabriqué à partir léger CNC en alliage d'aluminium constructon et est peint en noir pour correspondre à l'esthétique de votre 9XR / 9XR Pro. Son l'appareil parfait pour tous vos DIY RC, et les projets de robotique.

Note: le profil de produit complet availble vidéo, cliquez ici.

• Direct remplacement 3 axes de cardan pour 9XR / 9XR Pro
• Equipé de capteurs Hall magnétique de haute qualité
• Fournit un contrôle ultra lisse
• tension de bâton de commande réglable
• Contrôle réglable longueur de bâton
• commutable 3-2 axe
• Construction en aluminium

Poids: 106g
Matériel: alliage d'aluminium
Compatible avec: Turnigy 9XR / 9XR Pro

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I was affraid of this Gimbal, but Quanum has positiveli supprised me - great stuff.
Received my gimbal yesterday, opened today...very nice,secure packaging and great quality product for money spent. Will be installing in my 9XR Pro
Good replacement part. Finaly no faulty pot's on board and they are precise.
In my opinion Quanum should make 10$ cheaper version with 2 axis only.
This should eliminate small flaws which I noticed - stick endpoints and rubber cover.
This is a beautifully made, accurate stick. It's smooth as glass in operation and for me as a disabled guy the twist rudder function I assign is the only option to comfortably fly with one working hand. Stick tension is a snap to adjust, as I found when I increased tension of the vertical and lateral axes to make centering more positive.

My only caveat is a caution that if you're planning to put it in the left side of the 9XR Pro it isn't a drop-in fit. I had to shave some of the alloy mount with my Dremel to clear internal PCBs before I could securely attach it, and I had to cut relief slots in both sides of the plastic transmitter case to allow for a protruding end bearing and little PCB on the stick that extend further than the case edges.

That said, I won't reduce my score. For its smooth, accurate operation, build quality, and of course being the only twist rudder functionality available that I'm aware of, it's solid 5-stars allaround.
Must have for the 9xr pro. I put one on each side. spend the money and get two. it is worth it even if you only use one. 100 times better than the stock ones
installed in a turnigy 9x, this gimbal is well constructed, high quality, simple, accurate and quite unique! Adding the 3rd axis to the right stick provides a natural and intuitive feel while flying. I recommend this part for 9xr users and DIYers.
Spotless cnc work, well anodized. nice bag of goodies to convert in ratcheting throttle one axis.
Obviously designed to go in the 9XR transmitter so well made manual lacks one page for those who don't intend to used it in the purpose it was made for.
I will experiment with the usable voltages and take some risks to see if it tolerates a 5 V supply but I would have liked a touch more tech than the well made install for dummies.
Thing like min/max supply voltage, temperature range and hall sensor output range.
By default type of hall sensor (brand/number)
quick delivery Thanks HK
Bought two for a DIY ground station, work in progress, what i like about this is it is not potmeter, it is hall sensor, that much more accurate
Very nice upgrade component. Minimum shaft length was greater than I like, but would be good for pinch flyers. I cuts some off with a dremel tool and it's good now.
I installed it in a Taranis and that will work just fine but takes some fabrication effort to mount. I don't recommend you try this unless you're comfortable with some modest fabrication.
  • Quanum 3 Axis Gimbal

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