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RCG 30cc Double Gas Engine 3.7HP / 8500RPM

RCG 30cc Double Gas Engine 3.7HP / 8500RPM


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Les moteurs de qualité RCG ont fait leurs preuves dans le monde entier pour la qualité et la fiabilité.
Le RCG-30 jumeaux est livré avec la tête porté de style DA, ce qui donne beaucoup de puissance et le réglage facile, tout en conservant un ralenti lisse.

Il n'y a rien comme le bruit d'un moteur à deux cylindres fait, parfait pour les avions à grande échelle. Ce moteur comprend des entretoises pour le montage sur des boîtes de moteur, bougies d'allumage, silencieux compacts double et module d'allumage électronique. Il suffit d'ajouter une batterie d'allumage, prop, et le monter jusqu'à votre avion préféré et voler.

• Tout en fonte d'aluminium
• Adaptateur Spinner inclus
• Comprend silencieux compacts
• Module d'allumage électronique
• entretoises d'écartement de montage inclus

Performance: 3.7hp @ 8500rpm
Idle: 1500rpm
Suggestion Prop: 18x8, 19x8
Bougie d'allumage: CM6
Alésage / course: 32 x 19,6 mm
Poids: 1180g
Ratio / huile de carburant: 25: 1 ~ 40: 1 90 Octane essence et huile 2T

4,8 ~ 6V 1200 mAh batterie ou plus
Avion pour lequel installer le moteur


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After receiving the engine I put it on the test stand right away. Ignition unit started misfiring on one cilinder after about 45 minutes of break-in.
Filed an RMA on the 7/22/2015. Hobbyking promptly requested a video of the malfunction, so I made a youtube video, in which you can clearly hear the engine dropping out and picking up again on one cilinder. We are now october 8 2015, and I am still waiting on "initial evaluation". I guess this means hobbyking will just ignore me and will not warranty a defective product.
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verified_user Quality
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I received my 30cc twin in todays UPS delivery, and mounted the engine on my test stand for it's first start. I found (like any new, tight engine) it wanted more gas than I expected, and wound up with a low needle of 1 and 3/4 out with a high needle close to 3 turns out (nice and rich mixture). The one thing I did experience was on the second tank I lost a cylinder. After some diagnosis I found that the old nickle metal 6 volt pack had fell below 5 volts. I charged the pack and got both cylinders back right away. It appears that this ignition module because of firing two plugs draws a bit of current from the battery pack. I have since replaced the pack with one of my 2500MAH two cell A123 Life batts. I have not flown the engine yet (in my 1/4 scale Flair Fokker Dr1), but I like the engine just fine.
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verified_user Quality
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did not get it yet... waiting in hurry... I hope I am not in a mistake...I am going to use in a 1/4 piper cub
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