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SCRATCH/DENT Dead Cat Pro Quadcopter with Mobius Gimbal (Kit)

SCRATCH/DENT Dead Cat Pro Quadcopter with Mobius Gimbal (Kit)

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SDUK 0067

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Dead Cat Pro Quadcopter Frame Kit with Mobius Gimbal

This kit is the next step into the "Dead Cat" style configuration with or without (your choice) the mess and hassle of mounting your own dead feline to the frame.

In addition to flying your deceased family pet around at home or your favorite local flying site, this configuration is also ideal for aerial video/photography as it comes standard with a Mobius gimbal mount.

The Turnigy Mobius gimbal is a low cost, light weight, quality component 2-Axis gimbal to match the Mobius’s smaller size. It comes with quality Turnigy AX-2206 motors, perfect for their small size and being well known as a great motor. The performance of the 8-Bit Mini Alexmos BGC is robust enough to satisfy the most demanding user and with the Basecam software, it is a powerful tool for setup and tuning.

We pulled out the defibrillator and shocked some serious life in to the Dead Cat conversion! The defibrillator power core effortlessly supplies a regulated, filtered and RF noise shielded 5 volts at a whopping 3 amps for the flight controller and 12 volts at 1 amp for the hungriest of video transmitters. The camera power can be selected to either 5 volts or 12 volts depending on your camera’s requirements. The lower frame has direct solder pads for the motor ESC power lines right at the base of the arms and an XT60 connector for the battery at the rear to minimize cabling. The frame comes with power connectors at the front for your Mobius camera and gimbal, in the middle for your flight controller and at the rear for your video transmitter. The video connectors at the front and rear not only supply the voltage but also carry the audio and video signals from the front mounted camera to the rear mounted video transmitter with extra filters to eliminate any stray noise picked up between camera and the video transmitter.

The arms come from our popular S550 kit and are made of glass fiber with an inserted carbon fiber rod giving great strength. The arms are upswept to give greater stability and provide faster forward flight.

This kit includes everything necessary into to this wicked camera rig.

Clean up your layout and improve reliability by reducing connection failures. I guess this Dead Cat has 9 lives after all!

• Frame kit with 2-axis brushless gimbal and controller for Mobius camera
• AX2206 Gimbal motors
• Aexmos Gimbal controller
• Large 500mm wheelbase
• Integrated power distribution, with camera and video transmitter integrated wiring
• "Defibrillator" power shield
• Power and A/V distribution on lower frame
• Glass fiber arms reinforced with carbon fiber rod for extra strength

Gimbal controller: DYS 8bit mini Alexmos controller
Gimbal motor: Ax-2206 80T Turnigy Motor (with MX 1.5 3-pin connector)
Wheelbase: 500mm
Front arm width: 410mm
Rear arm width: 410mm

Dimensions (assembled): 452x326x183mm
Frame weight (with brushless gimbal and gimbal motors): 550g

Lower main frame plate
Upper main frame plate
Mobius Gimbal
All necessary hardware

Mobius Camera
Flight controller
Redio TX / RX


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