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Monocycle électrique (prise EU)

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Monocycle électrique (prise EU)

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Intelligent Self-balancing Electric Unicycle (EU Plug)

As cities get bigger and traffic gets more congested then everyone is looking for an easier way to get around. The single wheel self-balancing electric scooter (unicycle) is the next exciting mode of transportation. As they are also a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation there are many applications the unicycle can be used in.

The unicycle can go where other devices such as hover boards can’t go. They can go over more rough and uneven ground and with more experienced riders they can even go up some stairs and over curbs and gutters due to the large wheel size (360mm).

The working principle of self-balancing unicycles is based on the principle called “dynamic stability” which is the automatic balancing ability of the unicycle. Using a gyroscope, the unicycles electronic brain works out how to drive the unicycle and keep it balanced. As a new transporter, it is difficult to classify it in the traditional way. This type of transporter is commonly called a Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle (EUC).

There are no brakes or throttle just changes of body center of gravity (or lean) will control the unicycle. The unicycles movement is controlled by how you lean your body. Lean forward and the scooter will move forward. To turn right lean right and the scooter turns right. To stop lean back.

Safety is built in as the unicycle has the device has a limited top speed. The pedals rise making it harder for you to increase speed. Another feature is an audible beep upon low battery level so you can stop before the battery runs out.

This unicycle has been designed with everyday use in mind. It weighs just 9.8kg, so it can be carried around, and takes a load of up to 120kg. Drive time will depend on the terrain and varies between 18~20km range. Maximum speed is approximately 20km/h.

Let’s get moving on this unique and exciting electric unicycle.

• 15~20km/h
• 18~20km range
• Dynamic stability
• Balance driving and steering
• 60V Lithium battery
• Speed limiting device (for safety)
• Electric unicycle

Vehicle Weight: 9.8kg
Max load: 120kg
Max Speed: 15~20km/h
Distance per charge: 18~20km (after full charging)
Max climb capability: 15deg
Battery: 60V Lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 2.2Ah
Rated output power: 350W
Motor: Brushless DC motor
Max rotate speed: 406r/min
Max Output Torque: 45N(N.m)
Input Voltage: 220V
Output Current: 2A
Charging Time: 2~3h
Electricity consumption per charge: 0.4kWh
Wheel diameter: 360mm
Certificates: CE

1 x Single Wheel Scooter
1 x Charger (AU Plug)
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Training Belt
1 x Training Wheel (Set)

ATTENTION: Before operating this product check for compliance with your local, state or federal laws. This item is sold for private use on private property only. Safe and legal operation of this product is the owners responsibility at all times. Children should be supervised by an adult.

  • Capacité ( mAh ) 2200.00
  • Intelligent Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle
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Quix-fz | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Aug 10, 2016

i've travelled hundreds of kilometers with the original solowheel (unreliable/broken and overpriced) and airwheel x8 (everything great, still in perfect condition after 2 years constant use). this one rides the same as the others, same feel, comparable range. only difference is that it's smaller, and the leg pads are lower/nearer to the feet, so the preasure is slightly higher, which means more pain (and on another spot where i'm not used to it).

i've designed 3d printed "extensions" that zip-tie around the carrying handle. search for waymag on thingiverse.

cedric | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Aug 05, 2016

Just recieved mine today.
I'm new in the electric monocycle buisness and i mainly bought it because it was almost a quater of the price of the most known brands... and I wasn't expeting much of this one.

Packing was good , well protected
arrived charged 3/4 so only took about half an hour to top up de battery.
you have the beginner kit in the box, a Chord to hold your wheel, and side weels to help you with the balance in the early days.

First try
turn in on, on the ground, a fews bips later, you are good to go.
and Jesus, this is difficult!!!
Expect to empty a couple of batterys before you start to do something else than falling of your weels, but when you start to have the feel of it, it's very pleasant to drive.
remember i'm a beginner with no other weels to compare but here are the pro/Cons I noted:

Overall quality looks good for the price
Electronic /Gyro does a nice job, I never encountered wierd behavor from this weel.
battery life more than enough It takes me about 2 hours to empty it

Some part will might brake if you don't protect and have serious crashes
Motor looks powerfull enough but to speed reached quicly and looks far from the 20kph advertised (I Would say more like 12-15kph) I Weight 75kg.

Hope that was usfull. thanks HK to make me discover this product for this price

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