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Spitfire Brushless (PNF)

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Spitfire Brushless (PNF)


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Ce petit Spitfire est pas susceptible de gagner des compétitions d'envergure ou pour cette matière, vous rendre plus attrayant pour le sexe opposé ou apporter la paix mondiale, mais, il est un super petit flyer, valeur honnête, simple et très bon pour l'argent, en fait pour un modèle plug-N Fly, il est une bonne affaire!

La sous-chariot est de brancher, vous pouvez donc la main lancement si vous le souhaitez, si vous utilisez le sous-panier, alors vous serez heureux que le Spit a 4 le contrôle du canal, ce qui signifie un tailwheel orientables. La plupart du travail est fait pour vous, le moteur, ESC, tous les servos sont inclus donc il n'y a vraiment pas grand-chose à faire, le travail le plus long est la coupe la canopée! Colle, outils et tout ce dont vous avez besoin, sauf votre propre TX / RX & Lipoly sont inclus, il y a beaucoup de "Warbird" pour ne pas beaucoup d'argent, idéal pour les jours parkflyer calmes.

Envergure: 876mm
Surface de l' aile: 13.8dm2
Longueur: 720mm
Poids: 390g
Moteur: 2410 1300kv Brushless Outrunner
ESC: 20A
Servos: 3x9g

Tout le matériel
Outils et colle
2 x Hélice
Photos Instruction Boooklet

4 canaux TX et RX
11.1V 1000mAh 3S Lipoly

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Neoflite | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Aug 16, 2013

Bought this one just to try it out. My other cheap plane (HK mini P-51D) turned out to be a great flyer.
Plane is well packaged, but a small tip of the rudder was broken. Nothing serious, just glued it on. Motor mount was loose, and this was a bit of an issue. There is no way you can tighten the screw holding the motor mount without piercing a hole in the plane, so that`s what I did. Problem solved.
The rudder hinges are painted together with the plane. This makes them very stiff. Fixable by adding a bit of oil and moving it back and forward 100 times.
I haven`t balanced the plane out yet, but it seems it`ll need a lot of weight in the nose. I got some 1300mAh Nanotechs put all the way forward (removed some foam to do that) and it still seems a bit tail-heavy. So a bigger battery or motor might be the way to go. The original spinner should help with that as well, because it is really heavy. Mine is warped and unusable, so I put a 45mm Turnigy on (look pretty cool).
So far, this plane needs a lot more work to get it to fly compared to the HK P-51. Since I haven`t flown the Spit yet, I can`t tell about flying characteristics, but I will report back when I`ve put her up. The plane looks pretty terrible for a Spit, but since I`m not a member of the scale police, it looks fine to me, especially considering the price.

BRIAN | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

May 23, 2012

Really nice plane. Awesum to fly. Bugger I can't fly, and crashed after 30 seconds and damaged the front and wing. Would be nice if hobby king had spare parts for this plane. Apart from that love it. Am buying another to replace the one I damaged.

Jocelyn | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Aug 18, 2011

Really nice plane, fly very fast and vertical are strong. The bad thing are a little cheap but for That price!! For the CG i have add 90g betwen the prop and motor on the shift, a mtal brushing. I fly with a 1000 mha zyppy and the flight Time is around 12 min. This plane fly on the rail, CAN fly in wind. The landing is a little hard, the nose tip easily but it' a warbird!!! I have many warbird from parkzone and this one is one of m'y prefered plane, is small and very strong, i have renforced the landing gear and the motor mount. Great plane, go for it!!! Excuse for m'y english

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