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Caméra Turnigy IC-W130VH WDR Mini CCD vidéo (NTSC)

Caméra Turnigy IC-W130VH WDR Mini CCD vidéo (NTSC)


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Prenez le contrôle de votre expérience vidéo FPV avec la gamme Turnigy de caméras mini-CCD de haute qualité. Les mini-caméras CCD WDR comprennent le contrôle de l'écran de divers paramètres vidéo, y compris le contraste, la luminosité et la correction rétro-éclairage via le joystick sur le dos du système de caméra.

La caméra offre une qualité d'image supérieure avec des lignes 800TV avec tonalité reproduction (large plage dynamique) et sur les contrôles d'écran. La gamme Turnigy des caméras FPV offrent une gamme 5-15V d'entrée pour une flexibilité maximale!

Dispositif d'image: 1/3 "SONY CCD double scan
Système de balayage: 2: 1 Interlace
Fréquence de balayage: 15,734 KHz (H), 59,94 Hz (V)
H. Résolution: 800TVL
Pixels effectifs: 976 (H) x 494 (V)
Ratio S / N: Plus de 52dB (AGC off)
Min. Illumination: 0,01 Lux / F2.0
Obturateur: Auto, manuel, fixer
AGC: 6DB ~ 44.8DB
Balance des blancs: ATW, push / verrouillage du poussoir, l' utilisateur 1 / user 2, manuel
WDR / ATR-EX: Normale / Light
Day & nuit: couleur, auto, B / W
Confidentialité: Off, On (15 région)
Détection de mouvement: Off, On (4 région)
E-Zoom / DIS: Arrêt / Marche (0 ~ 255)
HLC / BLC: Off / BLC / HLC
Langue: anglais, français, russe, espagnol, néerlandais, chinois, japonais, portugais
Objectif: 3.6mm lentille de bord
Puissance Comsumption: DC 12V
Température de fonctionnement: 14 ° F ~ 122 ° F (-10 ° C à + 50 ° C)
Température de stockage: -4 ° F ~ 140 ° F (-20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C)
Dimensions: 30 x 30mm


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This is my favorite FPV camera. I started off using super light weight CMOS cameras and they worked okay... But I was never happy with the way CMOS handles extreme lighting conditions and jello is definitely a problem. Then I switched to CCD and the difference is night and day. Jello? Gone. Dark ground when looking at the sky? Gone. The quality is so much better. The CCD cams are substantially heavier and consume more energy, but it's totally worth it. I like how this model has the OSD menu controls built in. It's also slightly smaller and lighter than other CCD cams I've seen.
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verified_user Quality
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This is an amazing camera. You simply cannot grasp how much better CCD is over CMOS until you see it. I have this camera set up for FPV and a Mobius set up for FPV recording and a video switch to go back and forth. I highly recommend this as opposed to trying to use your GoPro or Mobius, etc for FPV flight too. If you look over at the product page for the 12" LCD monitor HK has, you will see a picture in the discussions of my monitor with this CCD camera and a Vector OSD. You can see how good it is there. I will post a YouTube video of the actual view from the camera when I get my video capture set up.
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verified_user Quality
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My review Is going to be short./ I do Like this camera for its Far better program options,, No Matter to the light level Every Advantage is taken into account, . Every part of the camera Is custom settings.. you can change . With good small zoom to controle Over all a Areas from white balence Ir settings , seen More in this than Any camera on the market. it setting are far More deatailed Program to Get your Best Setting Possitions, with the fact Not all cameras can do this Amazing changes to such I have never seen Before. Far advanced for its type,this can take you a Little time to understand its deatailed setting,. especialy if you do reset . you Must work Out how to find English again,, that wasnt hard.. seams all areas are controlable In the camera. not Like any Before it.. Best FPV iv seen In Long time.. no comparision to things Like GO pro. its another different camera ,, best FPV. Many resions make it better, thanks,.
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