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Turnigy SK8-ESC V4.12 For Electric Skateboard Conversion w/BEC

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Turnigy SK8-ESC V4.12 For Electric Skateboard Conversion w/BEC


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The Turnigy SK8-ESC is a highly modifiable electronic speed controller designed with DIY Electric Skateboards conversions in mind.


The Turnigy SK8-ESC allows you to use sensorless motors to achieve smooth start-up from a stop versus traditional RC ESC's which may have trouble starting from a complete stop. It also provides strong. reliable and progressive electric braking.


You can connect your ESC to your computer and modify them using the VESC BLDC Tool. Our ESC ships to you tested multiple times during the production cycle and are ready to use. The ESC will provide optimum performance when configured for your particular motor and battery voltage.


• Regenerative Braking
• Sensored and sensorless (FOC) Field Oriented Control allows your electric skateboard to run with barely any motor noise
• Many safety features such as current control and temperature control features
• Great start-up torque with sensorless motors
• Latest v4.12 Hardware
• Latest v2.18 for Firmware for FOC (Latest firmware version}
• Bootloader and Firmware Loaded. With Motor Detection & FOC Tested
• 12awg motor wires w/ 4mm bullet connectors


Amps: 50A continuous / 240A peak
Cells: 3-12S LiPo
Voltage: 12.6-60V
BEC: 5V@1.5A
BEC type: Internal driver support 
Timing: Software calibration 
Cutoff Voltage: Programmable
Frequency: PWM input 
Governor: No
Weight: 80g
Size: 60x40x20mm
Programming card: No
Reverse: No


VESC Hardware by Benjamin Vedder is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

For more Information and to download the PC software please visit ( .

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Elmar | Acheteur vérifié

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Got refund

Nov 22, 2019

It broke after a few moths but they gave me my money back quite fast so i can order a new one

Fonzy Mantooth | Acheteur vérifié

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

Works as advertised

Aug 06, 2019

We ordered one, the first one didn't work well then died. But Hobbyking quickly sent us a new one no charge and no hassle. The new one works really well.

facko | Acheteur vérifié

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Next time Flipsky

Jul 22, 2019

Till now not used. Unfortenatly according info from friends it is not possible use it in dual setup for eskate. It was my plan in future :( it should be wrote in description!!!

Cathal | Acheteur vérifié

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Set up

Jul 09, 2019

Main reason I'm writing this review to to say that right now the only place you can get the BLDC tool for windows which you need to configure the vesc is from:
Also you will need a mini usb (NOT MICRO) to connect this up to a pc.
I've managed to connect this up to an analogue e-bike throttle but it required making my own connector.

Adam | Acheteur vérifié

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Only Real VESC option is Australia and it Delievers

Nov 02, 2018

I have been using this VESC with a single 12mm belt drive on a 6374 motor on an electric skateboard for a few months and It has been working beautifully, I manage to reach top speeds of 55kmr though the vesc heats up and brings down the performance to help It loose heat but all in all a great option.

Mike | Acheteur vérifié

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

OK product, but not "latest FW"

Sep 13, 2018

ESC just arrived today. I downloaded the free/basic config tool, but couldn't get my PC to recognize the USB connection. Turns out it needs to be powered. After powering (4S), connection was fine, but configurator wanted it updated. I downloaded the latest FW, selected v412 HW and flashed. Worked fine. I then let the ESC autoconfig to a 2000W sensorless KEDA outrunner and that worked as well. I'm happy.

rocket | Acheteur vérifié

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

tested and approved

Jul 22, 2018

those V-Esc rocks! and they are great deal with the sensored SK8 motors. I built my own e-mountainboard, thanks to 2 V-esc and 2 6374 130Kv sensored (SK8) motors. sensor plug goes straight to its location on the Vesc, and all cables plugged has the same length between Vesc and motor, that's ease a lot to make clean mountings!!!! great job HK, looking forward V6 V-esc ;-)

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