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Wraith-1200 Composite V-Tail Pente Soarer 1200mm (ARF)

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Wraith-1200 Composite V-Tail Pente Soarer 1200mm (ARF)

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Le Wraith 1200 est l'un d'un bon diaboliquement gamme de planeurs de performance HobbyKing exclusifs qui vous offrent la qualité, l'apparence et la vitesse à un saint bon prix.

Le Wraith a un fuselage composite bien fini et savamment construit et couvert des ailes en balsa et empennage. Comme on peut s'y attendre, l'aile est amovible pour faciliter le transport et l'assemblage rapide sur le terrain, aussi le Wraith utilise une configuration V-queue pour une excellente vitesse et la manipulation. Il y a un kit complet de matériel fourni et pour la touche finale, la canopée est en fibre de carbone.

Il est sans aucun doute, le Wraith a été conçu pour la performance, c'est un modèle ARF belle qualité que tout pilote RC serait fier de posséder, la performance n'a jamais été aussi abordable!

• Presque prêt-à-Fly - Il suffit d'ajouter vos propres appareils électroniques
• Construit en aile de balsa avec le film à deux couleurs pré-appliquée
• Belle Gel coat en fibre de verre fuselage
• Des couleurs vives pour une orientation facile dans l'air
• V-queue
• Montage facile

Envergure: 1200mm
Longueur: 800mm
Voler Poids: 330g

Transmetteur Channel 4 et Micro Récepteur
3 x servos 3.7g
batterie Lipoly Receiver

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Alastair | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Mar 08, 2015

Just flew it:

Flies like a dream. Like its on rails. Absolutely a blast to fly. It is amazing - fast, precise and tough.

If you can deal with the fiddly build and non existent instructions go for it!

Alastair | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Mar 07, 2015

The wraith - looks great on the website. I bought three of these - 1 for me one for my brother and one for a friend.

Mine came in at 386g AUW with a 350mah 2s and a UBEC.

It is made well. covering is wrinkle free on the wings and only a few wrinkles on the tail.
The wings have strings installed to ease the installation of the servos
The wing glues together straight with a nice CF tube in between.


Very fiddly build. You need a lot of building experience before taking this on. The installation of the elevator servo being the biggest problem. You need a servo that is less than 20mm in TOTAL HIEGHT (i.e. to top of the actual servo horn) or it will not fit. NO servos HK sells will fit in the fuselage. I used a Hitec HS-35. There is no servo tray - you will need to make it up.
I put a z bend at the servo, joined two push rods in a y and used two nylon
clevis at the elevator - the supplied clevis' break if you need to unclip them so use better quality ones.

I used two Turnigy 1440A for the wings - they just squeeze in with some film bulging.

The canopy is not carbon - just painted fibre glass.

Will update after the maiden flight.

Jim | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

May 07, 2014

This plane is an over priced POS POOR knockoff of the SPEEDO! I purchased both and there is no comparison at all. The problems with this plane are many starting with the poorly cut and ROLLED UP canopy that you will spend hours getting to fit right, SPEEDO is perfect CF, the rear tail mount was so out of true the tail sat at a 30 degree angle, the wing servo mounts are a joke! with the speedo it comes with servo hoods with the mount built in! NICE! the fuse on the speedo is deeper and wider so servo mount is a breeze, this thin shallow pencil good luck, but here is the best part!!!!! HK charges $70 and U.S. based companies charge $67 for the base speedo, I paid $77 for the SPEEDO PRO version! save cash and time and don't buy this overpriced POS! OH! I also bought the 2000 version from HK and had the same problems and quality issues. HK is marketing the "radio delete" knockoff versions of these planes at prem prices. In closing this thing should sell for $55 max not $70 Good Luck

Jeff | Acheteur vérifié

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Customer Rated

Apr 16, 2014

Poor design, poor manual, poor response from Hobby king.
This looks like a nice plane, but the setup is either confusing or impossible. I really wonder if ANYONE has actually flown this plane. The most confusing instruction that I don't get, besides zero mounting bracket for the tail servo, is.
There are 2 control rods leading to the left and right of the V-Tail. For elevator control both control rods must lead to one side of the servo, but I don't see how one would connect 2 control rods to 1 side of the servo.
HK's response was someday they will rewrite the manual, I am not holding my breath.

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