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VTT électrique pneus larges 26" - 350 watt (prise US)

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VTT électrique pneus larges 26" - 350 watt (prise US)

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MYATU X7 Electric Mountain Bike 26” (Fat Tires) (PAS) (US Plug)

Do you want to get that extra advantage while mountain biking? Then electric bikes are the go.  Electric Bikes with Pedal Assist System (PAS) are a revolutionary form of people transportation utilizing a battery operated electric motor to assist the traditional bicycle power source, you. 

Electric Mountain Bikes are a sub-category of E-Bikes and designed for cross-country, off-road cycling. The electric motor assists when pedaling, allowing for a more constant speed helping you to get up and down mountain terrain more quickly and effectively. The fat wheels giving better grip and keeping you upright on those challenging sections of the trail.

These bikes come with a 350W brushless electric motor build into the rear wheel hub powered by a 36V 10A battery attached to the central frame. A control panel shows the battery charge, speed, distance or mode. Changing the mode changes the assistance level that the motor provides or no assistance for only people power. 

Electric power-assisted pedaling helps you get up those mountains or speed down those long downhill sections with ease.

• Electric Motor 350W
• Pedal Assist System
• 26” fat wheels
• Rear stand
• Mud Guards
• LED headlight
• Disc Brakes, front and back

Bicycle Specs:
Total Weight: 29kg (63.9lbs) 
Battery Weight: 2.5kg (5.51lbs) 
Frame Sizes: 432mm (17in)
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy 
Frame Colors: Matte Black
Geometry Measurements: 17" Seat Tube Length, 27.95" Reach, 28" Stand Over Height, 38" Length 
Frame Fork Details: Aluminum alloy and steel
Attachment Points: Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses
Gearing Details: 7 Speed 1*7 Shimano ARDTY300D
Shifter Details: Shimano ASLTX50R7AT
Cranks: 1/2x3/32x33Tx170mm
Pedals: Aluminum Alloy
Headset: FSA Tapered with Adapter
Handlebar: Aluminum Alloy
Brake Details: 160mm Diameter (M6*16mm screws)
Grips: PVC
Saddle: GRANT saddle
Seat Post: Aluminum Alloy 
Seat Post Length: 250mm
Seat Post Diameter: 27.2mm 
Rims: Aluminum Alloy
Spokes: Iron, Black 14G
Tire Brand: Chao Yang, 26" x 3" 
Wheel Size: 26in 
Accessories: LED Battery Level Indicator on Battery Pack, Neoprene Slap Guard on Right Chain Stay, Integrated Torque Arm on Rear Dropout, Optional Cold Weather Battery Cover, Optional Bluetooth Module
Other: Locking Removable Battery Pack, Quick Release Front and Rear Wheels with Quick Disconnect Cable on Motor, Tapered Head Tube

Electronic Specs:
Motor Type: Rear-Mounted Geared Hub, high-speed brushless motor
Motor Nominal Output: 350 watts 
Motor Brand: XiongDa
Motor Torque: 25-35 Newton meters 
Battery Voltage: 36 volts 
Battery Amp Hours: 8.8 Ah 
Battery Watt Hours: 316.8 Wh
Battery Brand: Samsung 
Battery Chemistry: Lithium-ion 
Charge Time: 6-8 hours 
Estimated Min Range: 25km (15.5miles) 
Estimated Max Range: 35km (21.7miles) 
Display Type: LCD 
Readouts: Speed, Range, Battery Level (5 Level), Battery power display (5 bars)
Drive Mode: Pedal assisted sensor
Top Speed: Limited Speed 25kmh (15.5mph), unlimited speed 35kmh (21.7mph)

ATTENTION: Before operating this product check for compliance with your local, state or federal laws. Safe and legal operation of this product is the owners responsibility at all times.

  • Capacité ( mAh ) 8800.00
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