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1200W PSU (spina USA)

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1200W PSU (spina USA)


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Are you looking for serious power for heavy duty charging?

The Turnigy 1200W power supply features four outputs (1x50A, 3x10A) and is suitable for powering 4 chargers up to 1200W (combined). This supply also features over current, over temperature and short circuit protection.

This unit is ideal for running multiple chargers without the need for having separate power supplies. Because of its variable voltage it is also perfect for powering high wattage chargers that require high voltage input (24VDC+) to charge at maximum rates or parallel charge multiple batteries.

Input Voltage: 100~240V AC
Output Voltage: 15-30V DC 
Output Amps: 50A
Output Watts: 1200W
Current Overload Protection: <=51A 500ms
Input Fuse: 20A Fuse
LCD Display: Voltage Precision +/- 0.3V
Output Voltage Ripple: <300mV
Power Efficiency: 89%
Over Temperature Protection: <65°C
Cooling Method: Inbuilt Fan
Operating Temperature: 0 - 40°C

  • Turnigy 1200W 50A Power Supply Unit
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JeffS69 | Acquirente verificato

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  • Value

Turnigy 1200W Power Supply

Dec 06, 2020

Excellent Power Supply. Would buy another if they were in stock.

JeffS69 | Acquirente verificato

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Turnigy 1200W Power Supply (US)

May 19, 2019

Excellent Power Supply. Always delivers the power I need. Easy to use, well built and the fan keeps things cool & quiet. Paired with the Turnigy Reaktor Quad Core 300W X 20A it charges Four 5000mAh 6S packs at 2C, and balanced complete in 25mins. Excellent Product.

James | Acquirente verificato

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Best power supply for your charger.

May 27, 2018

I can finally take advantage of the full potential of the iCharger 4010 Duo.
Have used this charger for a few months now. And I have to say I am extremely pleased.

jay | Acquirente verificato

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Excellent purchase

Apr 18, 2018

This power supply is awesome. I can finally use my hyperion duo 720i to its full potential

Palmjet | Acquirente verificato

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Great power supply for REAL aircraft

Aug 25, 2017

When I noticed this power supply and it's specifications, I thought that this would be usable as Ground power supply for General Aviation Aircraft. So ordered one as well as (with other companies) an AN2551 3-pole ground power connector plug, red and black 10ft (3m) 8 AWG silicon wire and a silicon 1/2" (12mm) outersleeve with fiberglass woven inner covering.
The silicon 8 AWG wires were soldered with a flame to the plugs of the AN2551 connector and the other side with a 60 watt soldering iron to the yellow XT90 connector.
After putting everything together the unit was tested for short circuit and overcurrent protection. I also checked the power quality on an oscilloscope and observed a very low output ripple. It passed with flying colors. Time to connect it to a Cessna P210 (which has a 24V battery) and check it out. With all avionics working a current of 17 AMPs was registered at 28V. The unit itself showed a few amps more because the rest went into the aircraft battery. With a low battery about 10 amps were observed going down to 2 amps with a full battery. By lowering the output voltage of the unit the current to the battery can be lowered. I had good results at 26V. The display of voltage and current is extremely useful.The quality of the output power is very good, no interference at all on the radios and GPS. Temperature of the unit at an outside temperature of 90F or 32C stayed very low with the two fans running quiet.
Now I am able to play with all the avionics without draining the battery. Actually, compared to another aircraft certified power supply, the result was much better as that one produced a lot of interference on the radio's. As this unit is not a charger, it will not diminish the current as the battery gets fuller as some other units do. But their maximum output is 20 amps and they are much more expensive.

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