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3 vie aria Ritrarre Landing-Gear System (Trike-Large)

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3 vie aria Ritrarre Landing-Gear System (Trike-Large)

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aria completa up / down sistema di atterraggio triciclo che dispone di velocità di ritrazione regolabile sia per il funzionamento su e giù e spuntati gamba sotto-carrozza di. Si ritrae sono di alta qualità tutta la costruzione in metallo per un servizio affidabile e di funzionamento.

Il kit comprende valvola di sfiato di riempimento, parti sterzo carrello anteriore, linea aerea, falegnami 3 e 4 vie, viti di montaggio, o-ring di ricambio e grani e gambe a tre Oleo Under carrozza complete di assi e un perno di montaggio 5 millimetri in acciaio. Sistema richiede servo 17g per il funzionamento.

Per i modelli fino a: 6 kg Peso di volo
Aria Capacità serbatoio: 300ml
Ritrarre Dimensioni: 86mmx42mmx25mm
Ritrarre Peso: 64g (per unità)
Carro Pin: 5mm
Sistema Peso totale: 355g

Ritrarre Dimensioni:
Lunghezza totale: 86,30 millimetri (Inc capezzolo)
Profondità: 24,56 millimetri
Piastra di montaggio: 39.55mmx42.20mm
Fori di montaggio: 27.70mmx32.20mm

Landing Gear Strut Dimensioni:
Lunghezza gambe posteriori: 115 millimetri (esc Monte Pin)
Lunghezza Gamba Anteriore: 117 millimetri (esc Monte Pin)
Gambe Mount perno posteriore: 5mm
Gamba Anteriore: boccola di bronzo per la guida
Asse della ruota: 4mm


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Jack | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Great buy!

Mar 25, 2018

I'm happy with the set, you get a lot for the money. quality struts. My only bug was a missing screw on the nose retract mechanism but I had spares. If you think this set at 60$ will be just as good as Robarts for 400$ you are dreaming, dont complain because it's not the same quality, but for the price it's a great alternative.

richardsetiawan | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Oct 12, 2011

Got mine and it came without manual and the air tank is dent in several places. 3rd problem, the air refill valve is not working. Anyone from your customer service can help with this ? Can not rate this, almost feel sorry I bought this one.

simdaddy | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Oct 05, 2011

Well the only thing I can say is that it will not extent if you have catastrophic air loss ....hence belly landing. Apart from the this kit is brilliant and if I get another plane requiring that size, then I will be buying another. Thanks HK.

Frade | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Sep 14, 2011

j'ai achet pour mon AT-6 et aprs 2 vols ils ont tellement de jeu qu'il est dangereux de voler avec ces trains...ils sont peut etre valable pour des avions de 2 kg mais pas la merde !!!

Reuven | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Aug 18, 2011

Mechanisms comes.
Perfect system, all the accessories of good quality, too big selector, slow motion regulation problem, no T connections, and no Quick connections. Massive system, can hold 7 kg, I am using P 38. I write about product quality after a few flights .... Soon (-:

spitfire2010 | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Aug 16, 2011

received mine today and they are brilliant. Very solid built out of aluminum and steel. Simply has to be seen to understand how solid and well built the landing gear is. I'd have no hesitation buing them again. Everything is a smooth fit with smoth travel movment.

Thanks Hobbyking.

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