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700 / .90 Dimensioni 530KV Brushless Outrunner elicottero motore

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700 / .90 Dimensioni 530KV Brushless Outrunner elicottero motore

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Un potente motore 4035-530 outrunner per elicotteri 700 / .90 dimensioni. Questo motore è in grado di erogare potenza fino a un massiccio 4400 watt, grande per estreme manovre acrobatiche in 3D. Ben lavorato CNC campane finali con un sacco di fori di raffreddamento e il caso alette di raffreddamento ha anche lavorato.

Tensione: 16 ~ 50V
RPM / V: 530kv
Max corrente: 110A
Potenza massima: 4400W
Diametro albero: 6mm
Lunghezza del pozzo: 32mm
Vite spaziatura di montaggio: 25mm x 2, 30 mm x 2
Bullone di montaggio Discussione: 4mm
Peso: 450g
Motore spina: connettore 4 millimetri proiettile

  • Kv ( rpm / v ) 530.00
  • Correnti Max (A) 110.00
  • Resistenza ( mh ) 0.00
  • Max Tensione (V ) 50.00
  • Potenza ( W ) 4400.00
  • Albero A ( mm ) 6.00
  • Lunghezza B ( mm ) 62.00
  • Diametro C ( mm ) 50.00
  • Can Lunghezza D ( mm ) 40.00
  • Lunghezza totale E ( mm ) 101.00

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oldvinyll | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Jul 17, 2014

I had a lot of hopes when ordering this motor. But: the shaft ist not hardened steel, the shaft is crafted in a lousy manner and has a runout of 2mm!!!!! The diameter of the shaft is not even 6mm, but has a great tolerance which requires a lathe to make it even. Came in a box with label: Scorpion 4035-530??? We tried our best to make the motor work and take away most of the wobbeling of the shaft. Luck enough the 2mm runout is at the end and the pinion sits close to the motor where it is a little less. HK should optimize this otherwise powerful motor.

Amadeus 600 | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

May 23, 2014

Measure the resistance between connectors and also between connectors and housing before using this motor. When set to AutoTiming it blew up my Yep ESC, crashing my 700 heli . The second motor I got, did have resistance between connector and housing, so I will not use it.

The motor runs very hot like a Scorpion.
The build quality is a bit sloppy/ragged.
SK3 is much better.

Donkeydoctor | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Apr 30, 2014

It's surprisingly quiet. Probably not as quiet as the scorpion or Align motors, but I was surprised how quiet and smooth it was for the price. I did the initial bench tests on 8khz PWM with 6 degrees timing, but the motor got really hot, so I upped it to 12khz and it ran MUCH cooler.
I'm now running it in my Assault 700 and it seems to be working really well in gov. store mode on the YEP 120a HV speed controller.

krtek2k | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Dec 03, 2013

good motor , i have it at logo700XXTREME with 16t pinion,
1640 and 1940rpm , -13degree collective , nice power!
maybe little hot , i measuered 62degrees of celsius on winding and 46on bell

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