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All Metal Servoless 100 gradi Ritrarre per i modelli di grandi dimensioni (6 kg) w / 12,7 millimetri Pin

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All Metal Servoless 100 gradi Ritrarre per i modelli di grandi dimensioni (6 kg) w / 12,7 millimetri Pin

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Full Metal Servoless Ritrarre per modelli di grandi dimensioni fino a 6 kg. Progettato per bloccare in un 12,7 millimetri Oleo-puntone. Caratteristiche tutta la costruzione in metallo per la precisione, affidabilità e durata. Questo rende per un eccellente alternativa affidabile ai sistemi meccanici di ritrazione gestite aria e sui modelli più grandi!

Tensione di funzionamento: 4.5 ~ 7.4V
Montare la piastra Dimensioni: 59 millimetri x 42 millimetri
Foro per vite Spaziatura: 43mm x 30,5 millimetri
Velocità di funzionamento: 6V: 6 secondi / 100 gradi, 7.4V: 5 secondi / 100 gradi
Profondità: 35 millimetri
Lunghezza: 86mm
Pin: 12,7 millimetri
Peso massimo del modello: 6 kg
Peso: 140g

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Eino | Acquirente verificato

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Movement not 100 deg

Feb 05, 2017

I have ordered new set of retracts from HK advertised new stock to replace previously ordered ones which operated only 94 deg. I have checked the movement of just landed retracts and movement is still wrong 94 deg!! So nothing has happened to correct faulty product even promised!!

Tim UK | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Mar 16, 2015

Hard to find much fault at the price... but as mentioned in comments above they are not 100 degrees only 94 degrees !!! When you power down they (obviously) stay in position, either up or down. Really nice failsafe however - that if you power-up again in "gear-up" mode when the gear is down (or vice-versa), then they do not respond until you cycle the command - so your pride & joy doesn't fall off its perch if you power up with the gear switch up! (You haven't done it?)

visioneer_one | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Feb 28, 2014

Listed dimensions are mostly accurate. Top plate is 59mm x 42mm, 35mm tall overall. Base is 27.5mm wide and 89mm long, including the motor. Retracts do not change position at power up, regardless of switch position, so your plane won't drop to the round when you switch on your receiver. Each unit weighs 142g.

Very strong. Tested with a 2S life powering the receiver... I have not been able to trip the overload protection by hand ... I'd probably have to jam them with a screwdriver!

Bought one of these and a pair of the 100-degree units. I' hoping they'll fit my ESM DO-335...

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