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Basher Nitro Circus 1/8 della scala 4WD Monster Truck w / radio a 2,4 GHz (RTR)

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Basher Nitro Circus 1/8 della scala 4WD Monster Truck w / radio a 2,4 GHz (RTR)

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Nuovo da Basher, la licenza ufficiale Nitro Circus RC Monster Truck! Ispirato al solo monster truck di fare sempre un backflip! Questo sorriso scala 1 / 8th inducendo RC tuck è costruito per gestire tutto quello che buttare a questo! Non pensare fuori dagli schemi, smash attraverso di essa, mentre popping un wheelie e il lancio da una rampa!

Il Basher Nitro Circus MT Caratteristiche un mostro a 4 celle sistema di alimentazione brushless in grado pronto per le batterie e mette tutto quello potere verso il basso attraverso una trasmissione trazione 4WD in acciaio. Con grandi colpi in lega foro e componenti pesanti, questo autocarro può lanciare fuori quasi nulla e solo continuare a Truck'n!

L'attenzione al dettaglio in questo camion è straordinario. Gli ingegneri e progettisti a Basher sottoposti a un ampio processo di test e sviluppo per assicurare state prese scorciatoie. Squadra Basher capire l'importanza del supporto post-vendita e di offrire una gamma completa di ricambi per la vostra battaglia paura camion insieme a una gamma impressionante di parti hop-up per aggiornare il vostro giro.

L'equipaggio Nitro Circus ha guidato come hanno rubato e, alla fine, erano entusiasti di mettere il loro nome duramente guadagnati su di esso. Chi lo sa, forse avrà un cameo nel loro prossimo film o spettacolo dal vivo?

• licenza ufficiale per Nitro Circus
• Potente 2075KV Brushless Motor Inrunner
• 80A Brushless ESC w / Reverse
• 15Kg Heavy Duty servosterzo
• tempo pieno 4WD
• Frontale in acciaio, centrale e posteriore sigillato differenziali
• pignone in acciaio temprato
• semiassi pesanti
• campane conduttrici in metallo temprato
• cuscinetti a sfera completa
• 3,5 millimetri piatto chassis in lega
• ammortizzatori vite regolabile
• Olio pieno, grande foro ammortizzatori
• albero scossa 3,5 millimetri
• regolabile convergenza e divergenza
• camber regolabile e di ricino
• sospensioni a quadrilatero indipendente

Lunghezza: 577 millimetri
Larghezza: 480 millimetri
Altezza: 314 millimetri (All'inizio della cabina)
Altezza dal suolo: 110mm (regolabile)
Zona della batteria: 138 millimetri x 46 millimetri x 25mm

scala 1/8 camion Nitro Circus Basher mostro
sistema radio digitale 2.4ghz
Cavo adattatore per batteria parallelo
chiave della ruota
Manuale d'istruzioni

Caricabatteria per batterie Li-poli
4 batterie AA
2 x 2S confezioni 5000mAh in serie
2x grande capacità 4S confezioni in parallelo per una maggiore tempo di funzionamento (adattatore batteria richiesta)

  • Basher Nitro Circus 1/8 Scale 4WD Monster Truck w/2.4Ghz radio
  • Basher Nitro Circus Monster Truck
  • Basher Nitro Circus Monster Truck
  • Basher Nitro Circus Monster Truck
  • Basher Nitro Circus Monster Truck
  • Basher Nitro Circus Monster Truck
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wacko911 | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Jan 13, 2014

I'm more of a plane guy, but Santa brought this from crimbo for a FPV project.

I'm running on 2 x 4s 3000mah 20c Zippys in parallel. Because I had some and they are cheap, I just converted the supplied parallel cable to XT60 ends. I did notice today after a really bad roof landing that the 4mm bullet plugs connecting the parallel cable to ESC came out. Just beware they are fitted the wrong way round (male part on battery side!) so could have ended badly if it shorted. I'll prolly just secure the plugs together with some electrical tape. Run time is amazing, I usually get bored or cold before one pack is done (30-40 mins) of just bashing ususally.

I've noticed the oil leaking out of the front shocks after the first run. After 4 packs I destoryed the 40mm cooling fan (not really sure it's even needed a cold climate) and magaged to crack one of the corners of the shell which actually seems to hold up pretty well for all the abuse it gets.

I'm still using the stock RC tx and it's not bad. Reverse seems to be a bit a struggle to enter sometimes (double tap brakes). I've also been through loads of wet grass and puddles and don't seem to have killed any electronics, but the manual only says they are splash proof.

All in all, I paid $240 with a buddy code, so am really happy with the quailty and strength for the price.

Hudsonn | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Nov 25, 2013

This is my first MT and I like it. Quality seems fine and I'm not really hard basher like some others so I'm sure it holds just fine. Motor mount is only for 36mm motors so that's little disappointment and body seems little weak but still great value for money. Highly recommendable for anyone who's looking for 1/8 MT.

Utrak | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Nov 18, 2013

After running some 4s packs through my Nitro Circus, I must say I'm very impressed.
The truck seems to be very tough. I've bashed it hard, so far I've only smashed the motor fan, pulled a steering turnbuckle out of the ball end, and cracked the edge of a wheel.
It should be mentioned I also modified the chassis to fit a 40mm motor mount, the truck has so far handled the increased speed and power perfectly.
The truck drives extremely well - you should replace the stock tires though. While they're alright to start out with and look great, this truck deserves some better shoes, and handles better with them.
The shocks are extremely good. This truck was made for sick jumps, and the shocks soak it all up.
My only wish is that the truck came with a motor mount compatible with 40mm motors out of the box. The stock power plant is fine, but is geared WAY low and gearing options are limited. The 4074 2350kv motor and 16t pinion I installed REALLY unleashed the monster in this platform, and it handled much better than I expected. Now it can bash with the best.
It's not all bad with the stock motor, though, as it's still capable of doing sweet jumps, has really good battery runtime, and extremely low running temperatures.
I feel that this truck offers some of the best value on the RC brushless offroad truck market today. In Europe, it is THE best value, no competition, period.
I'm thinkin

fouquet | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Nov 14, 2013

Turnigy 5000mAh 4S1P 14.8V 20C hardcase pack
sont la taille max!!!!
elles rentrent pilpoil
les roues sont normes

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