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Durafly D.H.100 Vampire (PNF) "Canadian Edition" 70mm EDF Jet 1100mm

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Durafly D.H.100 Vampire (PNF) "Canadian Edition" 70mm EDF Jet 1100mm


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Durafly has released another fantastic version of their popular EDF RC jet to date, the fantastic D.H.100 Vampire Mk6. We added some new improvements and finished with a striking new scheme. This version of the Durafly Vampire is finished in the scheme of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) colors. This scheme was selected for its history and for orientation when flying. The RCAF obtained their Vampires in late 1948 and they were an instant hit with the RCAF aircrew and pilots. Being their Air Force's first-ever jet fighter, the Vampire had an outstanding performance and graceful lines just like the Durafly RC electronic ducted fan version.

Although the initial version of the Vampire was a very stable flier Durafly has tightened up the tail booms and elevator with carbon fiber support to give even better control. With the change to the RCAF colors, the silver scheme has been “dulled” to give a more realistic color and the plane also has a smoother finish with cleaner panel lines. Under the hatch, the Vampire has been updated with an AeroStar 60A ESC with a built-in BEC (rather than the separate ESC and BEC) and an upgraded 2836 3300KV brushless motor to provide more performance and efficiency. 

The Durafly Vampire is made from tough EPO foam and is superbly finished with waterslide decals. As well as looking the part, it is easy to assemble as a Plug N Fly model. The EDF unit, ESC, and servos are all pre-installed. The Vampire is pre-fitted with superb, scale-slow metal trunnion servo-less retracts. They have a very positive lock which combined with the beefy struts and large rubber wheels make this jet perfect for almost any field.

Jets are about performance and the Durafly Vampire "Canadian Edition" will not disappoint. It has excellent speed and climb rate, when you combine this performance with the real presence of this model (not to mention the uncanny scale-like sound) the end result is one of the most realistic jets in this class. Where the Vampire differs from other scale jets is its wide flight envelope, fast flybys, big loops, aerobatics, and slow stall speed combine to give you a very forgiving model that is great to fly fast just like the original 1950s first-generation jet warbird. 

Fast, stable, reliable, easy to fly, and with a presence in spades, the Durafly D.H 100 Vampire "Canadain Edition" will stand out at any airfield and is ideal for aspiring jet jockeys. A must for any jet fan!


• Carbon fiber in booms and elevator
• Smoother finish with clearer panel lines
• Updated 60A ESC with integrated BEC
• Updated 2836 3300KV motor
• A more realistic “duller” silver paint job


Wingspan: 1100mm
Length: 888mm
Flying Weight: 1050g
EDF: 70mm with 2836 3000KV Brushless Outrunner Motor
Servo: 9g x 4
Retracts: Servoless Electronic


All hardware


Your own 5~6 Channel TX/RX
1 x 2200mAh~3300mAh 4S LiPo (30c Min)

  • IC / 2 : Elec Electric
  • Apertura alare ( mm ) 1100.00
  • Length(mm) 888.00
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MadMike | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Good Pice, everything ok.

Jan 16, 2023

No Pilot in there :(
But the other Itims included....

some hints from my experience | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Wonderful Plane

Dec 27, 2022

It's a wonderfull plane. Easy to fly but if you have a Gras Runway only, its better to land with gear up directly on the fuselage. Starting with gear down from Gras works without any issue as long as the Gras is short and well maintained. I have strenghened the tail boom with carbon strips 2x5 mm which improves the stability significant and I would strongly recommend it to other pilots.

Brendan | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Easy to fly, easy to work on, and very affordable

Nov 09, 2022

For the money, this jet is unbeatable. It is a great beginner jet with mild handling and enough power that it never feels like it is struggling to stay airborne.
- Super affordable
- Easy to put together
- Comes with retracts out of the box
- Flies great
- Can take up to a 4000mah 4s without modification
- Very long flight times for a jet
- Great for tinkering and adding more features like rudders or a bigger fan (fits up to an 80mm fan if you get creative)
- Can fit sprung landing gear designed for the eFlite/FMS Viper with only minor modifications
- Recommended CG is too far back. Balancing the plane just behind the servo wires for the retracts and ailerons seems to work pretty well in my experience.
- No wing spar. Glue your wings securely or add a spar just behind the wing intakes.
- Tail booms are fragile where they join to the wings. I ran carbon fiber spars along the bottom of the booms on my plane, which is good enough as long as you don't have a hard crash.
- Steering needs frequent adjustment and the front landing gear tears out easily if you land badly.
- Doesn't come with a pilot figure
- Stock EDF is loud and not very durable. The fan on mine exploded after sucking in some sand from my club's runway. I replaced it with a 64mm Mercury II metal EDF.

Farshad | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Reasonable quality at a very good price

Oct 28, 2022

The only issue I had was that the wires got sucked into the EDF and the plane crashes. The wires need to be tied down before flying

Vampire | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Cool features but not good quality

Sep 02, 2022

Price I think is good
Features cool
Quality could be better

Gazza | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Bitterly disapointed .

Aug 29, 2022

Very bitterly disapointed , as of 29/08/22 the plane has not arrived . Even allowing for slow shipping ,this is bad . Seeing the Au branch is closing in September , is this intentional or not . Gazza.

Nomaka | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

very nice jet plane

Aug 25, 2022

model vampire jet MK6
+ well-thought-out design
+ the model can be fast and slow.
+ take-off and landing as in a top wings or a glider
+ powerful engine, high thrust
+ reinforcements on the tail, wings, elevator and ailerons
+ responsible with numerous mods
+ retractable landing gear
+ lots of space inside for larger batteries
+ good cooling for electronics
- lack of shock absorbers in the chassis
- poor mounting of the front wheel
- no flaps
- no chassis covers
- no lighting and, above all, landing lights
- no pilot figure in the set
- the wings could be split for transport.
In general, the model is nice, although I think that it could cost a maximum of USD 150 in the European warehouse, it is still worth attention. It is very unpalatable that there is no pilot figure which, according to the instructions, should be included in the set. Overall, this is only my opinion and mod suggestions, you don't have to do anything because the model has quite good properties anyway. As for the colors, I think that the HK models should come with stickers packed separately, because most people want to create an individual copy and the paint from the stickers is quite difficult to remove.

Robert | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

My first EDF

Aug 19, 2022

Well, after some search I become convinced to enter EDF world with this bird.
+ very fast shipping within Europe
+ simple assembly
+ flies very nice
+ sound is perfect (but also a bit noisy)
+ lond flight time with 3S 3300 (and proper CoG!)
- no manual in box
- many times mentioned issue with recommended CoG, is too rear, needs to be shifted forward
- there is carbon stiffener rod in tail boom, but starts approx. at the end of wing trailing edge, this is weak point (I broke it on both sides during one very bad hand launch)
- also many times mentioned poor attachment of nose landing gear
Anyhow, when it is in the air it is satisfaction. I was surprised that the silhouette is quite well "readable" even with symmetric marking on low and upper surface. Sound is great, scale dynamics due to EDF. Recommended as value for money and as entry to EDF.

JEEP36 | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Just a fun plane to own and fly.

Aug 17, 2022

This jet is just plain fun and easy to fly. I really enjoy it and plan top buy 2 more in the next couple of weeks. Please keep making these. Please bring back the SEA VIXEN

Troppo | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Not great

Aug 12, 2022

Landing gear nose wheel setup just sucks. And off tarmac or not a very soft landing and it will just collapse. Boom attachment is still a very weak spot.
Flies great just take out the landing gear or belly land on grass

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