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Emax PM1806-2300Kv Brushless Multi-rotore del motore Set (1xCW 1xCCW)

Emax PM1806-2300Kv Brushless Mul...

I motori brushless Emax sono all'avanguardia della tecnologia con l'uso esclusivo di plastica rinforzata vetro nella costruzione della carcassa. Questo produce un motore peso ultraleggero che conserva ancora resistenza e durata. Combinate...

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I motori brushless Emax sono all'avanguardia della tecnologia con l'uso esclusivo di plastica rinforzata vetro nella costruzione della carcassa. Questo produce un motore peso ultraleggero che conserva ancora resistenza e durata. Combinate questo con cuscinetti ad alta qualità e magneti così come metallo affidabile statore brace e monti.

Ogni set comprende sia in senso orario e antiorario filettato adattatori prop, rendendo questi un must per i 250 dimensioni multi-rotori.

• rinforzato vetro involucro di plastica
• Leggero e robusto
• I cuscinetti di alta qualità
• magneti di alta qualità
• Adattatori prop CW e CCW filettato
• Inserti metallici per il montaggio

Poli: 9N12P
KV (RPM / V) 2300
Tensione in ingresso: 2 ~ 3S (7,4 ~ 11,1 V)
Spinta max: 290g
Prop Dimensioni: 5 ~ 6 pollici
Suggerita ESC: 6 ~ 10amps
Peso: 1 9g (ciascuno)

PROP Potenza / PWM% Tensione (V) Corrente (A) Spinta (gf) RPM
5X4.5 STD 10 11,1 0,28 10,07 2595
5X4.5 STD 25 11.1 1.45 96.79 7269
5X4.5 STD 50 11.1 3.94 209,7 10589
5X4.5 STD 75 11,1 7,91 338,61 13626
5X4.5 STD 100 11,1 9,03 363,57 14144
5X4.5 STD 10 14.8 0.32 22.12 3602
5X4.5 STD 25 14,8 2,06 151,62 9039
5X4.5 STD 50 14,8 5,61 311,08 13136
5X4.5 STD 75 14,8 11,39 473,45 16022
5X4.5 STD 100 14,8 12,37 487,52 16210


Ulteriori informazioni

  • Conte lama:
  • Velocità ( Sec / 60deg ):
  • Coppia ( kg) ( min . 0.01kg )
  • Diametro X (pollici)
  • A ( mm ):
  • B ( mm ):
  • C ( mm )
  • D ( mm )
  • E ( mm ):
  • ( Mm ) F:
  • SKU
  • Peso (g)
  • Lunghezza:
  • Larghezza:
  • Altezza
  • Kv ( rpm / v )
  • Correnti Max (A):
  • Potenza ( W ):
  • Lunghezza B ( mm )
  • Can Lunghezza D ( mm )
  • Max Tensione (V ):
  • Albero A ( mm ):
  • Unit Weight (g)
  • Diametro C ( mm )
  • Lunghezza totale E ( mm ):
  • Resistenza ( mh ):

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The motors are of very poor quality. The casing in plastic is extremely fragile and broke off after the 1st flight. The holding of the shaft broke off from the upper part.
I do not recommend this motors.
im very disapointed... very weak motors... it needs just a little hit and 10pcnt slower
for this price you can buy 2204-2300 kv motors
i do not recomend it if you are a beginner and if you are a pro/expert than you nevah' gonna buy these..... "motors"
These motors are stunning! They are 10 times better than the multistar motors, some people say they are weak and may break, I have had tens of very, very hard crashes and they work like a dream! The only disadvantage is the fact that they do scratch, not being metal, but this is nothing, doesn't effect the function, just bugs me a bit... I am using 12amp King Kong escs with 2200mah 3s 30c and a 1500mah 3s 25mah, 230 frame and the props are 5x3, although I think you can use 5x3x3 props, but i am yet to test... Btw, the bearings are fine, one was a bit stiff, but loosened up after a fly and a bit. Also use ecalc to add it up.
I purchased these to put on my HK Color 250 Frame and they are perfect. This I my first attempt at an FPV quad and these motors did not break the bank at all. I'm using them with a 4x-12A ESC and the motors have more than enough power and punch out with gemfan 5030 props. I hit a pole in my fire station and landed upside down on a concrete floor and the motors were perfectly fine... Not even a scratch. I will definitely be purchasing these again!
work very good on my 3d printed 250 quad!!!
Stay away from these, unless you never crash your multirotor!

The smallest crash will separate the motor from the base. The bearing is surrounded by a 1 mm plastic shell which joins the top of the motor to the mounting plate. The slightest impact on these will cause the top of the motor to separate, and the wires will inevitably rip out.

I broke every single one from very minor crashes. In all cases, the propellers didn't even break which shows how minor the crashes were.

If you buy these, you might as well throw your money away. HK shouldn't even stock these because of how low quality they are.
Not powergull but its cheap.. if you fly slow, there is no problem
I love this ones I ordered 4 but maybe I going to order many more
These motors are great. I purchased these for my first ever quad build. They have a uniform 16mm spacing for mounting. If you cut the wires you will have to scrape off the enamel to tin the wires with a soldering iron. They are only warm after running for almost ten minutes constant (3s) on a 250 frame with recommended props.
So far these motors have been working really well for my budget build color 250 quadcopter. Balance is good, has plenty of power and much better quality than I expected from a plastic motor.
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  • EMax Multi Rotor Plastic Motor

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