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Gradiente Elipse AP ARF

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Gradiente Elipse AP ARF

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The Gradient Eclipse is a time-honored classic glider design. It's exquisite elliptical wing gives this glider unique lines, coupled with a high-quality finish.Designed and manufactured using high-quality materials including a fiberglass fuselage, traditionally built balsa and ply wing and tail surfaces, Finely covered with Oracover film gives the Gradient Eclipse a stand out finish all seasoned glider pilots desire.

The flight characteristics are simply outstanding, perfect for a relaxing flight catching thermals and discovering lift. From smooth aerobatics to low speeds this glider is a pleasure to fly, even in very weak thermals the elliptical wing with dihedral it performs with the character of a true "Bird of time". Configure your Electro Vogel 3000 up for landing and it will drift home effortlessly.

Being an Almost Ready to Fly glider you will need basic construction techniques and few relaxing afternoons to get this glorious model together.
Once completed and flying you will be humbled by this models presence and genesis glider looks.  

• High-quality fiberglass fuselage
• Traditional balsa and plywood construction
• Elliptical wing
• Oracover film covering
• 2 piece wing for transportation
• Classic yet modern design
• Complete accessory set and hardware

Wingspan: 1900mm
Length: 990mm
Wing Profile: S3021
Flying Weight: 1100g

1 x 36mm motor
1 x 20A ESC
2 x 17g servos
1 x 35mm Spinner with 7x3 or 8x6 folding propeller
1 x 6 channel radio transmitter and receiver
1 x 1600mAh LiPoly Battery

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