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Dipartimento Funzione Pubblica 4WD grande mostro 1 / 5th camion scala (ARR)

Dipartimento Funzione Pubblica 4WD grande mostro 1 / 5th camion scala (ARR)

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24000 g
Schiacciare la concorrenza con il grande mostro Dipartimento Funzione Pubblica! nessuno che ti dice più grande non è sempre meglio non ha mai guidato questa 1 / 5th scala combustione del gas bestia! Con 200mm off pneumatici stradali, grandi ammortizzatori in alluminio foro e un tubo sintonizzato come standard questo 4WD mammut 26cc cancellerà nulla nel suo percorso.

Il grande mostro comprende anche gemelli servi sterzo coppia elevata, freno a disco posteriore e una massiccia serbatoio del carburante 530ml. Tutto ciò che serve per completare questo camion è il proprio trasmettitore e ricevitore, vernice per personalizzare la scocca e un serbatoio di 2-Stroke Gas!

Benzina 26cc (2 Stroke): Motore
Rapporto di compressione: 6.8: 1
Sistema di trasmissione: le cinghie sincrone (4WD)
Impianto frenante: disco posteriore
Dimensioni: 760 millimetri x 500 millimetri x 360 millimetri (L * W * H)
Passo: 500mm
Altezza dal suolo: 70mm
Dimensioni dei pneumatici (anteriore / posteriore): 200mm x 120mm
Volume serbatoio carburante: 530ml
Sterzo: 2 x coppia elevata Servi (Incluso)
Acceleratore / freno: 1 x standard Servo (Incluso)

batterie del ricevitore e il caricabatterie
2 x coppia elevata Servi di sterzo
1 x acceleratore Standard / servofreno
Tool Set
bottiglia Mixer Fuel
Filtro dell'aria
Pezzi di ricambio

Il proprio TX / RX
Vernice per Body Shell

Nota: Gamma completa di pezzi di ricambio sarà disponibile a breve!

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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
What a great truck had only minor problems with grub screws but have since fixed with locktite blue, right front wheel had chrome missing not worried about that , this monster truck really packs a punch for the price you cant go wrong just make sure you check all screws and nuts if you buy one you wont be disapointed so far i am very happy.
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
trending_up Value
playlist_add_check Overall
I brought this truck, it doesn't come with any instructions at all, just a book of exploded diagrams, but its pretty straight forward once you work out where to mount the receiver and get it all tuned in. The motor took a few turns to fire the first time, but once it was running it runs great. The truck really hammers and will catch you out in a confined space. The disc brake system is close to useless, it barely stops the truck out of the box, you'll need to spend some time working on it to get it to pull up at all, even then its pretty average for how hard the truck goes, well under braked!
As a result of the power and weak brakes I tapped a garden bed wall at home and ripped the entire left hand front wheel, carrier and steering arms completely off, it was a big mistake of mine, I was a little surprised at how easily it all came off as it wasn't a very big hit. The biggest problem here is that HK has no parts available to fix my truck right now they're all on back order and we know how that goes. The upside is I am told this truck is a copy of the FG Monster and the Rovan Big Monster, so their parts I am told will fit this truck. I have ordered alloy front uprights and a front disc brake system etc for now as I am hoping they'll be stronger and steer better, and the brakes might actually stop this thing.
Overall I think this truck is still great value for someone just
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
trending_up Value
playlist_add_check Overall
Got this truck, it goes together and starts very easily. There is no getting started manual, just exploded diagrams but everything is pretty self explanatory. Have not driven it a heap, just run it around the yard a couple of times. Its really loud, so waiting to get out and drive it somewhere where there are no people. Only unusual thing I have found is the car does not free roll when you push it. You have to give it a good hard push and the gears actually move but not the clutch. Not sure what the go with that is, anyone have any ideas? Going to check it out on Google right now to see what I find.
verified_user Quality
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