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Help The AMA Protect Our Hobby!

Editor | 23 Apr 2018

As you may have heard the war on hobby flyers is on, as the major corporations such as Google, Amazon and the Commercial Drone Alliance (which includes ford motor company, CNN and many more) have c...

Zipline Creates World's Fastest Life-Saving Drones

Editor | 16 Apr 2018

As HobbyKing News has previously reported, drones have been used to benefit society in a number of ways. But arguably the most important use of drones has been their ability to save a life. Last we...

Commercial Drone Alliance Attempts to Repeal Section 336

Editor | 13 Apr 2018

Many major drone operators, including those who are part of the Commercial Drone Alliance (not be mistaken for the Alliance for Drone Innovation) have called for a repeal of Section 336. The law that...


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Drone Operators Celebrate As Local Council Removes Ban

Editor | 19 Apr 2018

In December 2017, Ballarat City Council removed the right for drone operators to fly their aircraft over public spaces in the municipal land. These changes meant that operators who wanted to fly withi...

Postal Drone Crashes on its Maiden Flight

Editor | 5 Apr 2018 mode_comment 1

Everyone loves a good hobby crash fail story. Last week there were reports out of Washington DC that a security guard robot fell into a water fountain and truthfully, we have only just stopped laughin...

BMW Teams Up with Drone Racing League

Editor | 16 Mar 2018

Drone racing is an emerging sport that people are continually invested and interested in. It’s not only drone racing fans who are invested in the sport, BMW has shown equal interest in the sport b...


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Former Navy Fighter Pilot Labelled 'Hero'

Editor | 19 Apr 2018

Pilot Tammie Jo Shults was one of the first female fighter pilots in the US Navy in 1993. After leaving the Navy she joined SouthWest as a commercial airlines pilot. Today she was labelled an Ameri...

Meet Mélanie Astles: The Only Female Driver On The Circuit

Editor | 19 Apr 2018

Meet Mélanie Astles, the only female driver on the Red Bull Air Race circuit. She is set to race for her country, during the first French Stage in Cannes. No stranger to making history, Astles has...

Review: MiG-29 EPS 90mm EDF Jet 1145mm (45")(Kit)

Editor | 11 Apr 2018

I recently purchased the ever-popular MiG-29 EPS 90mm EDF Jet 1145mm (45") (Kit) from HobbyKing. Upon opening the package, the most notable feature upon opening the package was the colour scheme of th...


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Review: Durafly Tomahawk

Editor | 12 Apr 2018

FPV flying has been labelled the next big thing in the hobby world. So if you haven’t already gotten into it you better start searching for the best FPV flying wing options for your first wing. ...

What is FPV? - Part Two

Gozarian | 9 Apr 2018

In case you missed Part 1 of our article of FPV, you can catch up here. In part two, we will explore the best type of FPV video transmitters and more. How to Choose A Video Transmitter The frequen...

What is FPV? - Part One

Gozarian | 5 Apr 2018

FPV is a term that you will hear many hobbyists say, so it's best you familiarise yourself with what FPV stands for, what it is and get all the details you need to know about this hobby. In Part 1 o...


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Airbrushing Model Railroads

Gozarian | 10 Apr 2018

There is no doubt that a well-finished model railway is simply stunning and something that can be admired by fellow hobbyists and just about anyone that casts an eye over the layout. It is the addi...


LIPO Battery Safety 101

Gozarian | 26 Mar 2018 mode_comment 3

Lithium polymer batteries or LIPO batteries as we describe them, are a member of the lithium-ion battery chemistry family. There are many members of the family and each has pros and cons. Different ce...

Five Must-Have Battery Accessories

Editor | 12 Mar 2018

Commonly, the saying goes ‘you can never have too many batteries’ and for the most part, that is true. But I'd much prefer the saying to be ‘you can never have too many batteries and accessories...

10 Safety Tips to Remember When Using Batteries

Editor | 9 Mar 2018

Safety is paramount. It’s definitely not something that you should neglect. The consequences of not taking safety seriously can be deadly and this has been the case on numerous occasions. Previou...


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Coming Soon: HobbyKing to release 3Racing The Crawler EX

Editor | 20 Mar 2018

The ever-popular 3racing have just announced that they will be releasing a new product The Crawler EX, which will be available to purchase from HobbyKing as soon as it is released. According to...

All In The Details: Blaze by HobbyKing

Jenö | 19 Feb 2018

Last week HobbyKing announced the release of two new Blaze chassis cars. One is the Blaze R2 1/10 Scale Touring Car, the other is the Blaze DFR 1/10 Scale Drift Chassis. Both of these models share a n...

HKM390: Brushed vs. Brushless Motors

Editor | 12 Feb 2018

Today I received the HKM-390 On Road Bike from HobbyKing. As you know by now, the excitement you feel when you receive a package from HobbyKing feels as exciting as seeing on the presents under the tr...


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3D Printing

Fabrikator II Overview and Review

Editor | 16 Nov 2017 mode_comment 1

Written by Painless360 Introduction In recent years, as with many parts of the hobby, there has been a huge increase in the availability and affordability of what was once expensive technology. 3D...