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H-King Night Walrus (PNF) Aliante con Alette EPO 1400mm

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H-King Night Walrus (PNF) Aliante con Alette EPO 1400mm


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Il Walrus è un flyer eccezionalmente stabile e molto divertente da volare, ma per quanto brillante sia il Walrus, il divertimento era finito quando il tramonto della giornata. Bene, non più perché illuminerai il cielo con il tricheco notturno.

Facile da montare come l'originale, sorprendente da pilotare, con il sistema LED preinstallato che corre su tutto il modello, un nuovo elemento è stato aggiunto a questo classico.

Ma non sono solo i LED a essere nuovi, ma anche la cellula stessa è stata rafforzata e i componenti aggiornati. La fusoliera ora sfoggia un puntale in plastica rinforzato che rinforza la fusoliera e offre una protezione extra del modello per quegli atterraggi non così perfetti. Il motore è stato aggiornato da 2212 1350KV a 2215 1100KV che offre più coppia e anche l'ESC è stato aggiornato. Per favorire il raffreddamento della trasmissione migliorata, nel design è stato incorporato un raffreddamento aggiuntivo.

Il sistema LED preinstallato è alimentato semplicemente collegando il cavo di alimentazione LED a una connessione aggiuntiva dall'ESC che fornisce un'alimentazione completa a 12 volt dal lipo / ESC che offre i LED più luminosi in circolazione.

Il Night Walrus è un ottimo modello per il giorno o la notte e sicuramente diventerà quel modello "go-to" che tutti adorano volare.

• Plug and Fly (PNF): aggiungi la tua batteria e la tua radio e vola!
• Costruzione in schiuma EPO super resistente
• Facile e veloce da montare
• Flap montati
• Ampia busta di volo
• Ala plug-in da 2 pezzi per un facile trasporto
• LED super luminoso per l'orientamento al volo notturno
• Ala rigida con CF Joiner

Apertura alare: 1400 mm
Lunghezza: 1036 mm
ESC: 30A
Motore: 2215 1100KV Brushless Outrunner
Elica: tipo pieghevole 9 "x 5"
Servo: 9 g x 6

Richiesto: (non incluso)
Radio: sistema radio a 6 canali
Batteria: 11,1 V 3 S 2200 mAh 25 C LiPo

  • Apertura alare ( mm ) 1400.00
  • H-King Night Walrus Product Video
  • Night Walrus on board camera
  • Walrus first flight
  • Walrus second flight
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Jaws3013 | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

10/10 would buy again

Nov 06, 2021

This was by far my favorite addition to my collection, Easy and simple to assemble, great plane for a beginner/intermediate pilot. The best feature hands down is the lighting package. Not only does it look amazing but it allows you to fly basically 24/7. Could not be happier with this purchase!

Gerhard | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


Aug 13, 2021

Das Modell Walrus night ist sehr gut vorgearbeitet. Die Fertigstellung ist im wesentlichen beschränkt auf den Einbau des Akku, Empfänger und der Verlängerungskabel. Der Platz für die Kabel ist eng bemessen und das der Empfänger unter den Flächen irgendwie reingesteckt wird ist auch nicht optimal. Das ist eben ein Kompromiss bei Schaum Modellen. Fliegen tut das Ding aber einwandfrei. In der Nacht mit Beleuchtung ist der Spaß dann perfekt. Daher eine Empfehlung. Leider ist es im Euro Warenhaus selten lagernd.

Fred | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Good value, everything works.

Jun 17, 2021

Nice airplane, flies well, everything works on my sample. I put a switch on the lights. The front of the fuselage seems weak, I didn't see any carbon fiber reinforcement there, but that doesn't mean there isn't any. Good value, I may buy another one for a spare.

CrazyAce | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Overall nice but...

Jun 16, 2021

Unless you guy's think 2 screws verses 4 in horns is okay really cheap.
Also wire harness for L.E.D. what a joke thank goodness i have spare wire and patience....really ?
So with that said you really asked the wrong person to give a review on this product unless you wanted a bad one.
So the price verses the stuff that was short in the kit wasn't worth the headache.

Del | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Great glider

Jun 01, 2021

Flies well with really bright leds, looking forward to night flying

jbrocket | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

A hard build

May 30, 2021

nice flyer after you go thru the pain of building it, not much room for a receiver, had to cut the foam and insert it below the wing, servo wires are not long enough and a real pain to get them thru the body opening to connect to radio, don't ever think about removing the wings for transport, it takes way too long to install them, there needs to be an easier way

Ponhos | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Great purchase

May 30, 2021

Love how it glides !

KZW | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Very Good Aircraft

May 27, 2021

I'm more impressed with the Night Walrus each time I fly it. It has a excellent glide ratio, despite the high wing loading. It has very good power. I typically motor for 15 seconds to altitude and then glide down. I'm getting 6:1 glide to motor ratio. Flights of more than 20 minutes are typical on a 1800 mAh or 2200 mAh LiPo. It will cruise about at less than 1/2 throttle and is capable of basic maneuvers (rolls, 4-pt rolls, loops, 8s, stall turns, etc.) It doesn't like being inverted, but it can be done. The LEDs are very bright and there is no trouble seeing the aircraft at night and it illuminates the ground on approach / flare to landing. I've been moving the GC back from the book value. It is now 10mm back from that recommended in the manual. I suggest you start at the manual value and move in small increments from there. The wing joining / wire routing to the receiver is not a good design. Once assembled, you will not want to take the wings off. I mounted the receiver through the rear most air exit hole in the back of the fuselage. Suggest when full flaps are deployed you set the ailerons to crow / butterfly configuration as it just doesn't want to land! Very good airplane. Well worth the cost.

Stormdad | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


May 14, 2021

I will start by saying this is a great Night Flyer! It allows me to go to the field after the gassers have left and fly in peace and quiet. Now to the actual model. Upon arrival the fuselage was badly warped which threw the tailplane WAY out of alignment with the wing. Nothing a washcloth soaked in hot water and some coaxing/twisting couldn't straighten out. The stock prop and spinner seem very brittle and mine was unbalanced. I switched it out with a spare I had from a Calypso glider and all is well. Space is an issue with this build. I mounted the RX aft in the fuse with as much of the wiring as I could get back there. Luckily I don't have to break this girl down to get her in and out of the car. I could not imagine how much of a PITA this would be to do at the field in the dark. The model actually flies very well and is perfectly suited for buzzing about in the dark. The lights are fantastically bright. I'm getting over 15 minutes of flight time on a 3S 2200 with conservative throttle.

Jonathan | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Great Powered Glider at a Great Cost

Jan 08, 2021

The plane flies beautifully. It looks wonderful in the air and has an insane glide ratio. I would recommend this to anyone looking to fly something different; maybe as a second plane. I will note that the servo/control surfaces setup was a bit finnicky while building the airplane (hence the 4 stars). The Walrus uses really good materials for building and it feels super secure throughout. I would dare say that it has more reinforcement and better materials than my E-Flite Valiant 1.3m that was nearly double the cost!

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