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OrangeRx R615X DSM2/DSMX Compatible 6Ch 2.4GHz Receiver

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OrangeRx R615X DSM2/DSMX Compatible 6Ch 2.4GHz Receiver


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The OrangeRx R615X offers true DSMX compatibility and utilizes a dual antenna system to provide true signal reception diversity. Due to the previously used IC becoming obsolete, this latest R615X receiver has been redesigned, and now offers improved range and performance. Features that have been retained are the programmable failsafe on binding, ultra-fast brown-out recovery, and wide voltage input range. As we can maintain the same low price as before, this makes the latest R615X still unbeatable value for money.

OrangeRx receivers are built using original components, MCUs, and with state-of-the-art SMT automation to ensure a quality product each and every time. Every R615X is manufactured using impedance-matched PCBs with exact tuning to provide signal stability and range that exceeds any of the previous generation ORX products. Whilst the R615X is a small lightweight receiver designed for use with small to medium size aircraft, the range is exceptionally good, and perfect for a wide range of models. We do, however, recommend that you carry out a thorough range check with your setup before flying.

All R615X OrangeRx receivers are QC tested using our latest method that ensures range checking takes place as the receiver is programmed. Simply put, if the R615X cannot pass the range check criteria it cannot be programmed, this ensures 100% of R615X are guaranteed to work flawlessly.

• Super lightweight 3.7g / 9.8 grams with case
• Compatible with DSM2/DSMX 1024/2048 aircraft radio and module systems
• Short 25mm antennae for mounting in almost any location
• Wide input voltage: 3.5~9V
• Improved range and performance
• 6 Channels
• Compact design

Channels: 6
Input voltage: 3.5~9V
Size: 19.5x30x10mm (43x22x13mm with case)
Weight: 3.7g (9.8g with case)
Approval: FCC, and CE approved

12 Month replacement guarantee!

1 x OrangeRx R615X DSM2/DSMX 2.4GHz compatible receiver
1 x Bind plug

1) This is not a Spektrum DSM2/X product, nor is it a copy of a Spektrum DSM2/X product.
The Spektrum and DSM2/X brand is a trademark of Horizon Hobbies USA.
2) This is not an underground black market fake Spektrum product. OrangeRx quality is guaranteed.

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william | Acquirente verificato

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  • Quality
  • Value

Binding problem

Mar 26, 2023

This receiver would not bind with my DX8e until I separated receiver and transmitter by 10 or so feet. Works fine in my EFXtra.

Gary | Acquirente verificato

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Mar 10, 2023

Just got ten of the new version of HK's R615X. Testing determined that the receiver will only bind to DSMX 2048. Also, the new version has no red blinking LED for signal lost and no CPPM output. Other than that, the receiver works OK.

*** HK response ***

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry about this. We confirm that there was a small first batch of these RXs that were shipped with DSM2 mode disabled. This has now been rectified. Please note that this issue will only affect customers using older, DSM2 only transmitters, in which case the receiver simply won't bind. Customers using DSMX radios will not be affected. Anyone who finds their receiver cannot bind with their older, DSM2 only radio, please contact our support for assistance:

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