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Pedale Operated Bungee Launch System / rampa per i modelli FPV / Alianti / Light FES (Assemblea Self)

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Pedale Operated Bungee Launch System / rampa per i modelli FPV / Alianti / Light FES (Assemblea Self)


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Pedaliera Auto Operated Bungee Launch System / rampa per FPV / aliante e EDF Models - modelli di lancio a mano può essere un affare complicato e la maggior parte volantini hanno avuto tutto andare male per loro a un certo punto, questo grande sistema di lancio è facile da trasportare e campo montare e consente di avviare completamente da solista con la tranquillità di adeguata velocità ogni volta per un lancio di successo, tutto ciò che serve è incluso!

Dimensioni Una volta assemblato:
Rampa Lunghezza - 1.060 millimetri
altezza sul retro - 240 millimetri
altezza anteriore - 460 millimetri
larghezza di rotaie di lancio - 470 millimetri


Rampa - Tubi GF con Falegnami plastica
Piede Launch System - Ply con tubo in gomma chirurgica (oltre 2 metri)

  • Efxtra take off low motion
  • Mig 15 bungee launched.
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Ulf | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
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  • Value


Nov 19, 2020

Die Konstruktion ist sehr gut, aber beim Transport muss man etwas vorsichtig mit den Kunststoffteilen sein.

Patrick | Acquirente verificato

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Works great

Oct 02, 2020

While building this kit it build fine but ive made some change to make it more useable to me
i made so i can change the width of the ramp to suit more planes or support planes better and of course i made a saftey pinand i and made the bungee cord longer with blue cord to get the pulling force that i need for my 2kg plane
Watch my first launch with the Hobbyking laucher at

Friedrich | Acquirente verificato

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Aug 24, 2020

Funktioniert zuverlässig.

Ruben | Acquirente verificato

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Bom produto

May 15, 2020

Bom produto a um preço justo.

Ricky | Acquirente verificato

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  • Quality

Bungee Works Great!

Mar 24, 2020

First, dust the rods off with a good paintbrush to get all the fiberglass dust off. Assembles easily and works great. You will need to buy a 10' piece of latex hose, the one included is too short. Use you're Dremel to grind a notch in the release pin/bolt so the release ring will not slip off accidently. Get you a fish scale so you can measure lbs./pull. I stretch mine to where it measures 12 lbs. of pull. This works great for my Zeta FX-61. Also use a dog leash ground screw to secure the latex hose so it doesn't pull out of the ground and impale you. I have bad shoulders that I can't lift either arm above my shoulders to hand launch larger planes, this works absolutely wonderful. Well worth the money.

Wingythingfpv | Acquirente verificato

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  • Quality

Great item works everytime

Dec 11, 2019

Item takes a little bit of time to get set up (5-10mins) once ready it can launch any of my models with ease. I made some 3d printed hooks to mount to models. Models launched so far include durafly vampire edf, skyhunter, fury wing and a mini drak. 100% success rate with no failed launches. I have changed to the red silicone bungee as the item that came with the kit was not suitable for purpose. Well worth a buy.

Doc | Acquirente verificato

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  • Quality

Kind of workd

Nov 19, 2019

The launcher framework is just fine, not that you could make one yourself from supplies from your plumbing supply store. The rubber tubing for the launcher is way too short and not powerful enough. The foot operated trigger works well. In short, it is a “Ted Talk” course on what is really needed. It gives you the idea, gets you started, and, with your modifications, will work. See Utube.

Rabbit | Acquirente verificato

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  • Quality

Lovely tool

Nov 08, 2019

Great to get your planes in the air

dovichino | Acquirente verificato

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  • Quality

Tres rassurant pour les lancement

Oct 30, 2019

Tres bonne base mais j'ai modifié un peu la bungee.
- j'ai percé la vis métallique afin de pouvoir mettre une goupille.
- j'ai acheté des piquets de maçonnerie afin de mieux fixer au sol la bungee et mon élastique.
- J'ai acheté un sandow élastique de 10M, celui fournis est trop petit pour des gros avions.
Depuis que j'utilise la bungee je n'ai pas abîmé un seul avion lors du lancement.

Gary | Acquirente verificato

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Great but could be brilliant.

Oct 13, 2019

If you are struggling to launch your favourite aircraft this is for you.
For safety I would and have replaced the 6 inch nails with more substantial ground pegs. Also I have fitted a safety pin on the release mechanism as a false launch could hurt if someone is in the launch path.
Watch my video at this link:

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