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Quanum FPV 5.8GHz 40CH Race Band Transmittion and Diversity Receiver Combo Set

Quanum FPV 5.8GHz 40CH Race Band Transmittion and Diversity Receiver Combo Set

Unità Quanum FPV terra Stazione di Alimentazione

SKU: 9171000767-0 | Weight: 1176.0000

Quanum FPV 5.8GHz 40CH Race Band Transmittion and Diversity Receiver Combo Set

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Quanum RC540R 5.8GHz 40CH Race Banda FPV Diversity Receiver

SKU: 9171000866-0 | Weight: 270.0000

Quanum FPV 5.8GHz 40CH Race Band Transmittion and Diversity Receiver Combo Set

Qty : 1

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This combo contain 2 items

Quanum FPV Ground Station Power Supply Unit *1

Quanum RC540R 5.8GHz 40CH Race Band FPV Diversity Receiver *1


Quanum FPV Ground Station Power Supply Unit

This Quanum power supply unit is a must for any FPV ground station and will turn most standard FPV monitors into a diversity receiver system with the addition of two standard FPV receivers such as the Quanum 5.8Ghz Autoscan FPV receiver . Utilising 4S Lipoly battery packs (up to 5200mAh) it can deliver 5V and 12V power outputs simultaneously and the USB port can even be used to charge up your tablet or smartphone.

This is a quality product that will allow easy set up and connection of power to your FPV receivers and monitor and can be mounted on top of any standard tripod.

There are two attachment points for Quanum 5.8Ghz Autoscan FPV receivers or Quanum 40 channel diversity 5.8Ghz Autoscan FPV receivers and it comes with a tablet/monitor mounting frame. Diversity reception and display can be achieved when using Quanum 5.8Ghz Autoscan receivers by connecting two of these receivers to the RSSI ports on the PSU which will then carryout the diversity function. (receivers are not included). 

With reverse polarity protection, there are also two RSSI ports, two video-in ports and three video-out ports. A low voltage Lipo alarm system ensures that you will not be caught out with a flat battery and the LCD screen allows both programming of voltage alarm range as well as displaying individual cell voltage.  

• Provides 5V and 12V output
• Diversity summing when using two standard receivers
• Holders/attachment points for Quanum FPV receivers

• Tablet mounting frame suits most tablets
• XT-60 battery connector
• Ultra loud Lipo low voltage alarm
• Reverse polarity protection

Ports available: RSSI, Video-In, Video-Out
Power Output: 5V and 12V
Power Input: 4S Lipoly 
Recommended Battery: 4S Lipoly 5200mAh
Dimensions: 200 x 90 x 82mm
Weight of Unit: 466g 

1 x Power Supply Unit
1 x Tablet mounting frame
2 x Quanum FPV Receiver holders
Leads and cables
Instruction Manual  



Quanum RC540R 5.8GHz 40CH Race Band FPV Diversity Receiver


The Quanum 5.8Ghz VRx has been developed by FPV pilots for FPV pilots.  Complete with R-Band this feature rich, diversity receiver is perfect for quad racers and as a high-quality racing product its performance will pleasantly exceed the expectations of general FPV pilots of fixed wing and multi-rotor camera ships.

Basically, there's no other receiver on the market that has as many features and functions.

When operating in full diversity mode the Quanum RC540R uses Adaptive and Dynamic Diversity using either RSSI or Video Quality to determine the best video source signal.

Channel selection has been made easy with an integrated navigation button and LED display along with two independent AV outputs so you can use a monitor and a set of goggles or even hook up a DVR to record your flight. You can even control each receiver independently with each receiver module outputting it's AV signal to its dedicated output port, great if you are running two separate cameras on your quad, plane or ground vehicle supporting, for example, a forward and downward looking mapping camera.

The receiver requires between 6 and 18V to operate so a 3 cell lipoly is all you will need to get your unit up and running at the field.

Easy to use, great results and a fantastic price.


• 40 channels: Cover A, B, E, F and R bands
• Diversity receivers
• Easy to use navigation button for the band and channel selection
• LED display showing band, channel, RSSI, spectrum graph, battery level  plus much more
• Three operating modes : Diversity, Independent, and Spectrum Analyser
• Customizable menu displays

Video format supported: NTSC/PAL
Antenna connections: SMA jack
Power input: 6~18V
Power Consumption: 150mA at 12VDC
Rx sensitivity: Better than -96dBm
Video impedance: 75Ω
Dimension: 75x 62 x 17mm
Weight: 100g


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