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Arancione R8DM 8Ch DMSS Ricevitore

Arancione R8DM 8Ch DMSS Ricevitore


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L'Orange R8DM è un ricevitore a 2,4 GHz DMSS compatibile che è stato progettato per l'utilizzo con JR DMSS trasmettitori 2.4GHz, come XG6, XG7, XG8, XG11 e XG14 sotto la modalità protocollo DMSS.

Accessibile e con una grande reputazione di affidabilità, i ricevitori arancio sono una fantastica alternativa per gli appassionati attenti al budget e questo ricevitore 8 canali per trasmettitori 2.4Ghz Jr è solo un valore eccezionale.

• Ricevitore Full Range
• 8 Canali - acceleratore, alettoni, timone, ascensore, Gear, AUX1, Aux2, SBAux3.
• Supporto SBUS sul canale 8 (Aux3)
• Per l'utilizzo con i trasmettitori JR DMS
• Peso leggero
• Fail Safe programmabile

Modello: RG831B
Tipo: Ricevitore Gamma completa
Canali: 8
Modulazione: DMSS
Banda: 2,4 GHz
Peso: 11g
Gamma di tensione: 3.6V ~ 8.5V


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I think this is an excellent product offered by Hobbyking. I did run in to some problems at the beginning, I have an XG11MV, and I learn't that XBus on the transmitter needs to be deactivated before this receiver will allow you to bind to it. Normally the creation of a "new" model will already have XBus deactivated. This does output S.bus, little bit weird for a DMSS device but functional. I have one in my quadcopter and another in a wing. I was able to invert the S.bus signal just like an X4R-SB and use it with a Naze32. Wish it had XBus instead of S.bus and also wish it had telemetry support.
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verified_user Quality
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Got two of these.
After tons of trails - I managed to pair both of these to my JR XG11 TX.
Using one on my emax nhp 280 and the other i will be testing out on my f450 quad.
Initially i followed everything per the instructions on the back of the pack but it was not pairing. Finally after many trials when it did pair, after selecting BIND on the TX, before it leaves that screen, the green LED lights up and seems paired.

Note : The negative of the servo leads is toward the botton of the RX. So top to bottom is - Signal / Power / Ground!

So far happy with it. Will plan to get more.
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  • How to Bind

  • How to get S-Bus output

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