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SCRATCH/DENT Zippkits Tugster Tug Boat Kit (455mm) Complete with hardware kit

SCRATCH/DENT Zippkits Tugster Tug Boat Kit (455mm) Complete with hardware kit

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This item has been used for display purposes only and is still in its original packaging.  The kit also includes the hardware kit that is also still in its original packaging. 

No warranty available for this item.
Item used as a display item only.
Please do not ask questions as the item will be sold out within 24hrs.
No backorders allowed.

Scratch & Dent items are sold as-is.
Because HobbyKing loses money on each Scratch/Dent item sold we cannot offer warranty or answer questions on these products.

Item will be deactivated once a 0 stock level is reached.

DESCRIPTION The Zippkits Tugster was developed from the very popular Springer class models. It is a pusher type tug with an Indiana style wheelhouse and is great for just messing about with on the water or for retrieving other boats or floatplanes that are stuck in the middle of the boating lake.

A popular sport with this type of tug is water polo, using a small soccer ball. Set up a couple of goals and get 2 teams together all using Tugsters and have fun trying to score goals against each other. If doing this it is best to add a strip of rubber around your boat as competition can become quite intense and collisions are common place.

The kit is suitable for all skill levels and ages. The kit consists of a complete set of laser cut plywood parts and a very comprehensive illustrated step by step construction guide. A Tugster running hardware set is available as an extra which includes the prop shaft, rudder, tiller arm and propeller etc, see "Related Items".

The Tugster has been designed to use the popular 540/550 size brushed motors and 2 x 6v 4.5A gel-cel batteries. You will also require a 2 channel radio with 1 x steering servo and an electronic speed controller with reverse.

You will need the following basic tools and supplies to construct the Tugster:
• Modelling knife
• Spring clamps, G clamps
• 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32" drill bits
• Flat file
• Round file
• Sanding block with 80 and 150 grit paper
• Masking tape
• Primer and paint
• Wood filler
• Epoxy finishing resin
• 30min epoxy
• Medium CA with accelerator

Length: 455mm
Beam: 200mm
Height: 240mm

Addional parts required to complete the Tugster:
540/550 size brushed motor
Electronic speed controller for brushed motors
2 channel transmitter and receiver
Standard size rudder servo
2 x 6V 4.5A Gel-Cel batteries
Ballast (lead or BB's) lots of it
Tugster running hardware set


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