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Sukhoi SU-26 1.228 millimetri 3D Balsa (ARF)

Sukhoi SU-26 1.228 millimetri 3D Balsa (ARF)

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2600 g


essential items and

Le linee classiche e comprovata capacità del SU-26 si combinano per renderlo uno dei modelli acrobatici più popolari, il Dipartimento Funzione Sukhoi sembra certamente la parte e non fare errore, il volo 3D è ciò che questo modello eccellente è tutto!

La qualità di questo SU-26 è semplicemente quanto di meglio si possa, cellula è stata costruita per mantenere il peso in volo minimo ma abbastanza forte per prendere la punizione di acrobazie estreme, il rivestimento di qualità superba è stato sapientemente applicata e per il tocco finale , i pantaloni cappuccio, a baldacchino e ruota sono finiti in una vernice lucida profondo. L'hardware in dotazione è semplicemente il top, con barre di controllo a sfera-linked e tirare / tirare il montaggio del timone, le corna controllo leggero, fibra di carbonio Under trasporto e tubo ala, ecc, questo è uno di quei modelli che saranno un vero piacere per assemblare .

I H-re Sukhoi SU-26 esegue ogni pollice buono come sembra, naturaly si fa per un grande piano sportivo ma sarebbe giusto dire che Hardcore 3D è quello che il SU-26 è stato progettato per. La precisione della cellula, sembra sbalorditivo, superiore qualità della linea e sorprendenti specifiche peso piuma fare il SU-26 un aereo deve avere per tutti i piloti acrobatici e 3D!

look classico
costruzione di qualità superiore e copertura
Facile e veloce da costruire
peso ultra leggero ma forte della struttura del velivolo
In ottima applicata, rivestimento di alta qualità
CF atterraggio
collegamento palla barre di controllo filo armonico & pull / pull timone
funzionalità 3D Stunning
assemblaggio campo rapido, facile da trasportare

Apertura alare: 1.228 millimetri
Lunghezza: 1.160 millimetri
Ala Area: 30dm2
Peso di volo: 1200g

Il proprio 4 ~ 6 canali TX / RX
35 millimetri Brushless Outrunner Motor
40A ~ 60A ESC w / BEC
4 x Digital High Torque MG servo 12g
2200mAh ~ 2650mAh 3s ~ 4S Lipoly Batteria


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verified_user Quality
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If you are looking to make the move to proper 3D, look no further, great quality build, well packaged very good looking plane. Maidened with a Zippy3300 35C, 100A red brick ESC and the motor off my Ritewing Zephyr II, (35 42??). Takes off in 6-8 mtres and goes ballistic from there, straight up. All those moves you see at the field your old low wing speed machine just couldnt do are suddenly doable. I am going to have a lot of fun with this. Envelope is massive, knife edges are easy and can land slow, (bit scared of tipping it). Wheels are small but its easily the best with grass that ive used, mabee because its so light on its wheels. If I had to be cfritical id say the instructions were for a different plane, (instructions are on a CD in the box). The front end looked a bit thin on glue so I went over everything, put a couple of balsa panels in to reinforce and covered the firewall in epoxy. Pretty sure you can stick a 9cc gasser on this but you'd need to get creative with tank placement. Five stars all round, no hesitation.
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
1st, the instructions suck, they aren't even for this airframe. However that's the only negative thing I have to say about it. Flys great! Feels light in the air. I equipped it with the 710KV Easymatch 15(14x7 APC, draws 330 Watts)) as recommended on 3 cells (2200mah.) With that setup it is great for general flying and conventional aerobatics. I want to use it as a 3D trainer so I am going to try it out on the 950KV version of the same motor with probably an APC 13x6.5. That should get the power and thrust up a bit w/o having to add the extra weight or 4 cell batts. I put my rudder servo in the tail alongside the elevator servo, DON'T! Getting a good balance now requires ballast. I think this winter I will bite the bullet and put the rudder servo where they said to and maybe move the elevator servo up too. That will let me remove the ballast and give me more CG flexibility. Mine balances at about 80-85 mm back which I think is just a bit nose heavy for serious aerobatics. At that CG DON'T overdo the throws. Low rate at 50pcnt throw on pitch is plenty for general flying and eases pitch control on landing. As I get more time on her I'll play with CG and throws some more after I resolve the thrust level and thrust line. Good job guys!
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
what can i say. opened the box and it was all there. neatly packaged and protected. covering is nice and tight not a single wrinkle. the cowl is the same colour and matches perfectly. the hardware is good quality and everything went together with no hassel at all. i have had other well know makes of ARTF models with problems to sort out but not this one.
i am running the NTM 35-42 1000kv and HK metal gear servos all round with a 40amp esc on 4s with a 12x6 prop. not flown yet but there is enough power there to pull a car.
I am really impressed with this model it just looks lovely
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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This is not my first plane, have spent fair bit money at hobbyking, but this Sukhoi is the best plane ever, which I got. The quality is fantastic. But you need a bit experience to build the plane. I had an issue with the rear wheel and have used my own gear. The maiden flight was fine and impressive, needed only 2-3 clicks on aileron, that's it. After few flights I love this plane, I highly recommend it for 3D pilots.

It is a small plane, it's good for calm days and practising 3D. Perfect plane at the park.

My setup which I recommend:
- Turnigy D3548/4 1100KV Brushless Outrunner Motor
- ZIPPY Compact 2700mAh 4S 25C Lipo Pac (don't go bigger in size)
- JXF 10x7 / 254 x 178mm Poly Composite propeller
- Nylon Spinner with Alloy Backplate 51mm Yellow

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verified_user Quality
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