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T5692 Turnigy Pro 1320kv Comp Brushless Inrunner motore

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T5692 Turnigy Pro 1320kv Comp Brushless Inrunner motore

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Quando avete bisogno di potere serio per la vostra barca perfomance su larga scala o scala 1/5 RC auto, non guardare oltre i inrunner serie Pro Comp Turnigy. Questi motori superbamente ingegnerizzati offrono elevata qualità, ad altissime prestazioni e affidabilità. Il motore è ri-buildable e caratteristiche testate amovibili, l'albero motore ha una piatta lavorata ed è di 8 mm di diametro per gestire la coppia estrema prodotto da questo mostro di un motore!

Dimensioni: 56x92mm
Kv: 1320rpm / v
Tensione massima: 30 V
Cellule LiPoly: 8s
Max Efficienza: 6000W
Corrente a Max Efficienza: 190A
Max corrente (10s): 375a
Corrente a vuoto: 4.2A
Resistenza interna: 0,0043
Albero: 8mm
Peso: 813g

  • Kv ( rpm / v ) 1320.00
  • Correnti Max (A) 375.00
  • Resistenza ( mh ) 0.00
  • Max Tensione (V ) 30.00
  • Potenza ( W ) 6000.00
  • Albero A ( mm ) 8.00
  • Lunghezza B ( mm ) 92.00
  • Diametro C ( mm ) 56.00
  • Can Lunghezza D ( mm ) 84.00
  • Lunghezza totale E ( mm ) 116.00

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  • attributeset-10


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TwirlyWhirly555 | Acquirente verificato

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Certified Buyer Rated

Feb 17, 2012

BIG MOTOR , this motor is huge , running on a 150A controller , lowest speed current draw at 15 volts is just above 1 amp , max speed on 15 volts , current is just above 5.8 amps both readings on unloaded motor , great quallity , but better sleving over 3 main wires could be better , as one has split on mine , but i will replace it :)

znus_ | Acquirente verificato

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Certified Buyer Rated

Jan 31, 2012

Running on 8s (esc is the Turnigy AquaStar 240A HV) in a 45" hull. The thing is scary!

terry | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Jan 23, 2012

this would go nice behind the hobbyking jet drive for large boats
oh yeah bring it on , 1/4 scale jet boats

zeeek1 | Acquirente verificato

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Certified Buyer Rated

Dec 24, 2011

All I can say is Wow! I wish it wasn;t winter and I could slip this bad boy into my 40" mono to test.

Definately NOT a leopard clone. Different core & windings 4 SURE!!

I haven't recieve my TP power motor yet to compare construction. I will follow up.

This motor has 16 steps as per other poster on this brand as opposed to 12 steps for leopard motors.

For once i am stumped as to who makes these?? Or which brand it is derived from unles HK actually did request a factory to make their own vrand.

I will have to consult some other motor GURU's to see if this is a 4, 6 or even an 8 pole like a Neu 2210.

Core resembles a Neu or Aqua craft UL1 motor in that looking from the outside in, it looks incased. Maybe I will take it apart but, I don't really want to at this time.

WIres that exit the rear vent holes should IMO be better insulated with lots more heat shrink or Med. to large size silicone fuel tubing. 4mm ID require and rear vent holes are approx. 9mm in diamter.

I wish they would tell us how many poles it is so I don;t fry an esc on testing!!!! LOL, will use cheapy esc on bench I guess.

More to come ! Merry X-mas!!!

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