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Turnigy 1200W 100 ~ 120V Power Supply (24VDC - 50amp)

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Turnigy 1200W 100 ~ 120V Power Supply (24VDC - 50amp)

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L'alimentazione Turnigy 1200W 24VDC dispone di quattro uscite (1x50A, 3x10A) ed è adatto per alimentare 4 caricatori fino a 1200W (combinato). Questa fornitura dispone anche sopra la corrente, sopra la temperatura e cortocircuito w / LED indicatori.

Questa unità è ideale per l'esecuzione di più caricatori senza la necessità di avere alimentatori separati. E 'perfetto per l'alimentazione caricabatterie ad alto wattaggio che richiedono alta tensione in ingresso (24VDC +) per caricare a tassi elevati o di carica in parallelo delle batterie multiple anche.

Tensione in ingresso: 100 ~ 120V AC
Tensione di uscita: 24V DC
Amps di uscita: 50A
Uscita Watts: 1200W
Cutoff Temperatura:
Raffreddamento: Ventola intelligente
Dimensioni: 305 x 140 x 78 millimetri (dimensioni caso)
Peso: 2.53kg

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woodbpilot | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Aug 25, 2015

This is an update to my earlier initial failure on first try. I sent in pictures and had to ship the power supply to New York at my expenseabout $24 USPS because it is long and heavy. NY HobbyKing evaluated the same day they received it and ordered a replacement from International. They shipped UPS like my original and like the original it arrived in 4 Days!!!! My wife videoed as I plugged it in. It worked and looks great. I will update after I use it a month. Bottom line at presentI like it and my new Reaktor 2 x 30 charger which uses the 24 volts. If you get one that works the firs time5 stars, Fast shipping UPS express, 5 stars, Warrantee speed upon reciept, 5 stars, Having to pay additional shipping and not having them believe that it was DOA 1 star.

Derek | Acquirente verificato

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Customer Rated

Jul 10, 2015

Picked this up for my 40A 1000 watt charger. Now I almost bought a high end power supply from another company but read that theirs had failures too. So I figured that this one may or may not fail just the same as the big name brands. This Turnigy power supply has been great so far and its cranking out 40 amps on my parallel board with the housing barely warm and the fan rarely even turning on. Seems to be working great and very efficient. This thing has a 60 amp limit by the way. I have one of the most powerful chargers on the market and this power supply is not even trying. Can't go wrong with this one. Half the cost of other big name brands.

Aura's | Acquirente verificato

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Certified Buyer Rated

Jun 09, 2012

It is very powerful Power Supply.

2c or higher rate charge of 6cells 5000mAx2 can be performed.

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