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Turnigy High Capacity 5200mAh 4S 12C LiHV Pack w/XT60

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Turnigy High Capacity 5200mAh 4S 12C LiHV Pack w/XT60


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The Turnigy high-capacity batteries are the result of extensive testing and development to increase flight times without the penalty of added weight. 


We have achieved our goal by drastically increasing the battery capacity (mAh) while lowering the discharge rate. This results in a battery capable of providing sufficient current (Amps) while offering much higher capacity when compared to a standard 20C+ LiPoly battery of the same weight.


What this all means is that Turnigy high-capacity batteries are able to provide flight times much longer than standard LiPoly battery packs without adding any weight to your multi-rotor model, making them absolutely ideal for use with aerial video and FPV drones.

LiHV stands for “High Voltage Lithium Polymer”. These batteries have been around for years and can be safely charged to 4.35V, higher than the typical voltage of Lipos.

The advantages of LiHV batteries are higher power and longer running times. LiHV batteries can be charged to 4.35V per cell, higher than normal LiPo batteries which sit at 4.20V. For example, a 4S LiHV pack charged at 4.35V would give you 17.4V. Whereas a Lipo battery on the same charge would only get 16.8V. LiHV batteries also have lower internal resistance and are less prone to "puffing".

We have a full range of Turnigy High Capacity Multi-Rotor battery packs in the works and will be adding new sizes/configurations as they become available.

• LiHV Chemistry (Requires LiHV capable charger)
• Ultra high capacity LiPoly batteries designed specifically for multi-rotor use
• Fitted with genuine XT60 connectors 
• Similar size/weight as batteries of much lower capacity, making these a direct drop-in upgrade for most multi-rotor aircraft
• Provides increased flight times of up to 30% or more when compared to standard LiPoly batteries of the same weight
• Ideal for use with aerial video and FPV multi-rotor aircraft 

Minimum Capacity: 5200mAh
Configuration: 4S / 15.2v 
Constant Discharge: 12C
Peak Discharge (10sec): 24C
Pack Weight: 482g
Pack Size: 109 x 62 x 32 mm
Charge Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: XT60

  • Capacità ( mAh ) 5200.00
  • Discharge ( c ) 12.00
  • Max Tasso di carica ( C ) 12.00
  • Lunghezza -A ( mm ) 109.00
  • Altezza - B ( mm ) 62.00
  • Width-C(mm) 35.00

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  • attributeset-12


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MPT | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
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  • Value


Sep 03, 2021

great battery performed really well you could include a clip for the balance lead

K&K | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
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  • Value

Awesome batterylife in a small package

Jul 09, 2020

5200mAh 4s without having a 130+mm tall pack. I love it.

Rajko | Acquirente verificato

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

Very good battery

Jul 17, 2019

Battery is good.

Bernie | Acquirente verificato

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

weak and useless

May 29, 2019

very very disappointed..I expected duration flights for a mini skyhunter.
It last significantly shorter that a LIPO multistar 4000mah 10c....about 7 mins shorter .. super disappointed

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