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Turnigy Trackstar impermeabile 1/10 Brushless Power System 3000KV / 80A

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Turnigy Trackstar impermeabile 1/10 Brushless Power System 3000KV / 80A


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Un sistema brushless estremamente potente per qualsiasi 1/10 o 1/12 camion scala, auto o buggy. La serie impermeabile Turnigy Trackstar offre prestazioni al top, un ottimo rapporto qualità e componenti impermeabili in un pacchetto facile da usare combo. Con questo sistema, il motore ed ESC sono abbinati per le migliori prestazioni, che consente di risparmiare il fastidio di scegliere componenti separati da soli. Basta saldare su i connettori preferiti, installare un pignone e il vostro pronto per l'esecuzione!

Essendo impermeabile, questo sistema consente di eseguire il modello in quasi tutte le condizioni atmosferiche inclusi pioggia e neve! Questo apre un intero nuovo mondo di possibilità per il vostro preferito di R / C camion, auto o buggy.


• Risposta avanzata della valvola a farfalla, precisa linearità della valvola a farfalla, ottima accelerazione e freni forti
• impermeabile per tempo piovoso corsa
• Programmabile con la scheda di programmazione Turnigy Trackstar per effettuare le regolazioni. (venduto separatamente)
• Rileva automaticamente il numero di cellule all'interno del pacco batteria.
• Caratteristiche di protezione multiple: Protezione bassa tensione di cut-off, protezione di surriscaldamento, la protezione perdita del segnale della valvola a farfalla ed il motore bloccato protezione.
Il motore
• impermeabile per tempo piovoso corsa
• Finitura CNC anodizzato di alta qualità
• avvolgimenti in rame ad alta purezza
• Potente magnete al neodimio sinterizzato
• Funzionamento ad alta efficienza

ESC Specifiche:
Corrente continua: 80A
Burst corrente: 95A
Resistenza: 0.0009ohm
Batteria: 2 celle Lipo (5-6 cellule NI-xx)
Uscita BEC: 6V / 1A
Tipo motore: motori brushless sensorless
Funzionamento: solo in avanti o indietro con inversione di marcia (modalità utente programmabile)
Dimensioni: 43 x 38 x 20mm
Peso: 88g

Specifiche motore:
Modello: 3650 Sensorless
Kv: 3000
Numero di poli: 2
Cont corrente: 34A
Corrente di picco: 46A
Max Power (15sec): 260W
Winding: 21T
Resistenza: 0.0196ohm
Peso: 180g
Diametro: 36 millimetri
Lunghezza: 53mm
Diametro albero: 3,175 millimetri

80A Sensorless Brushless ESC
3650 21T (3000Kv) motore brushless

  • Kv ( rpm / v ) 3000.00
  • Correnti Max (A) 46.00
  • Resistenza ( mh ) 19.60
  • Max Tensione (V ) 8.00
  • Potenza ( W ) 260.00
  • Albero A ( mm ) 3.17
  • Lunghezza B ( mm ) 54.00
  • Diametro C ( mm ) 36.00
  • Can Lunghezza D ( mm ) 50.00
  • Lunghezza totale E ( mm ) 67.00

Dimension Diagram Guide

  • attributeset-10


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Solid Kit and Amazing Support | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Solid Kit and Amazing Support

Sep 10, 2019

I purchased with kit to use in my OpenRC Truggy that I'm building. The first kit a received had a faulty ESC and had to be warrantied. The support team was very fast at getting my ESC replaced and was able to get everything up and running. Was very pleased with the after sale support for this kit.

Mirko G. | Acquirente verificato

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

Good budget combo

Sep 22, 2017

Bought to upgrade a Maverick Strada EVO XT, together with Turnigy 5200mAh 2S 30C, my car became crazy! The speed is increased by x2, acceleration is insane compared to the stock car. The cogging is very obvious at "normal", setting the ESC to "low", the cogging is acceptable but present (not important for me because the car is always at high regimes and cogging disappears). Temperature are very good, the battery is just little bit hot. Sometimes the fan on ESC not start when i turn on the system, i need to touch it to make it go, with fan OFF, i lost control of my car 2 times, maybe because ESC go in protection mode ( i don't know because the car was far from me).

| Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

May 09, 2016

I dropped this into an old Tamiya model, an Opel Calibra Cliff.

Everything functioned nicely out of the box and it has ample power to handle the old models belt drive with out getting to hot with stock gearing.

The only thing I've noticed is this unit cogs on maybe one in 15 starts but quickly remidies it's self as power ramps up. It appears that the punch setting is set really really low out of the box. I haven't gotten to investigate because the programing card was out of stock when I ordered it.

Overall I'm happy with the motor/ESC combo and would buy it again for another model should the need arise.

| Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Feb 22, 2016

Super volba pre moj Stampede

Jason | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Feb 07, 2016

Upset even with the programmer you can't get rid of the reverse lockout, Some times it will reverse sometimes it wont.

Other than the spotty revers issues it seems solid.

You need the (Turnigy TrackStar Turbo and Waterproof ESC Programming Box) to program THIS ESC

(Traxxas Rustler running 19/86 gears 2s)

| Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Jan 22, 2016

Very easy to set up and worked great while it lasted. Burnt up very quickly, hobbyking was great and sent a full refund, was probably a fluke.

Bank&Wank | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Mar 08, 2015

4 stars so far. Just installed in daughters t4 and impressed so far. Geared at 19/87 and running nice and cool. Tons of grunt on the bottom and reasonable top speed. Two pole seems to cog a bit on the very bottom but unnoticed when driving. Out performs 17t brushless with half the heat and twice the battery life. The tuning with card is some what limited with low med and high settings, but adjustable enough. If it holds up to the test of time, I would give it 5 star for the price

Jeremiah | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Mar 01, 2015

So for so good! I wish i would have gotten the programming card. Takes a second to spool up and get going but plenty of power with 2s lipo.

| Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Dec 11, 2014

Nice set! have it in a tamiya xv-01 rallycar. runs great! you do need the program box to set the punch higher, it takes off to slow default

Luiz | Acquirente verificato

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Jul 01, 2014

I use this combo in my Stampede 4x4. Some useful information:
Gearing: 13/54 - 32 pitch.
Battery: Turnigy 10A 40C - 2s.
I have a bit of cogging from standstill. My max speed is 36km/h. Using a pinion with 21 teeth goes to 51km/h but the cogging is way higher.
It is not possible to, from reverse, apply immediately the forward. The ESC waits a little bit making the wheelies more difficult.
YOU NEED THE PROGRAMMING BOX!!! Without the programming box you will have a lag between the throttle pressing the actual acceleration. This lag is annoying.

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